Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Sunday’s Baseball Bets: MLB

1-1 tonight, winning a small 0.08 units and bring my MBL record YTD to 3-6, - 3.78 units

Three Bets that I have for tomorrow:

Apr-16 2:15 PM CIN B ARROYO –R +154
The Reds are getting too good odds here. On this toss up, I’ll take the plus money.

Apr-16 3:05 PM PHI B MYERS -R/COL A COOK -R Over o11 -120
Philly’s offense is sick. They are playing at Coors. What else do you want?

Apr-16 1:35 PM LAA J LACKEY -R +102
Lackey is the better pitcher. The Angels are the better team. Even though they are play at what would be 10:30 am in LA, I like them to win here…

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Saturday's Baseball Bets: MBL

MLB Baseball
Washington Nationals 15-April-2006 3:05 PM PST
Money Line for Game -122
J. Patterson must start
S. Olsen must start

MLB Baseball
Chicago Cubs 15-April-2006 4:05 PM PST
Money Line for Game +108
J. Williams must start
Z. Duke must start

Warning: The second bet is a fade on Duke (see my fanatsy baseball post) and the Pittsburgh Offense (which sucks). That said Jerome Williams is no ace by any means, but this should be a decent match-up for him as the Pirates have stuggled offensively. I'll take the plus side here...

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Baseball Betting Record YTD: MBL

The record on my posted plays is so ugly that I don’t even what to post it. 2-5… Wow! 7 whole posted plays and it’s almost week three…

Well, I finally got the cable modem installed at my new apartment this morning… No, I’m not there now. I had to run, so I didn’t even get a chance to check it out yet… Let’s hope it works… If I does, I definitely try to make back the 4 units I’m down on this site, and then some winnings too :O)

Okay, MBL record YTD: 2-5, - 3.86 units…

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Fantasy Baseball: 2 moves yesterday

Well, I made two moves on my fantasy baseball team yesterday. The first was to drop Josh Barfield for Hanley Ramirez. Both are rookies this year, and both have great speed and potential. BUT Ramirez is hitting first in his line up (and has been hitting with some power) where Barfield regular bats 8th with the Padres. Also, while Dolphin Stadium is a pitchers park, there is not greater pitchers park
then Pecto.

My second move was to drop Zack Duke for Francisco Liriano. My thoughts at the time:

I'm sure Duke will come around, but by then Liriano could be starting. The pitching coach is messing with Duke's delivery and while it could benefit him in the long run, it could also take sometime for him to adjust...

Anyway, I know it was a quick move, but Duke was getting rocked all spring too. That and my league is very competitive with 5 or 6 moves a day. If I waited too long for Liriano, he'd be gone...

It's a gamble, but I gave Liriano the edge... 12 Ks in 6 innings, and he will start at some point...

Today, I’m thinking of picking up Chris Young who is still a free agent in my league…

Anyway, if anyone is interested, this league (my main money league) is a 10 team, daily, standard 5x5 category scoring, H2H format, non-keeper, playoffs, unlimited transactions league. So far no one has churned starting pitchers (as there is a transaction fee) so when I make pitching changes, I hope that they will benefit me for a while.

My complete roster is listed below:

C M. Barrett
1B M. Teixeira
2B M. Giles
3B C. Figgins
SS F. López
CI A. Dunn
MI H. Ramírez
OF B. Abreu
OF G. Sizemore
OF H. Matsui
Util M. Holliday

SP S. Kazmir
SP J. Westbrook
SP F. Liriano
RP C. Cordero
RP D. Turnbow
P M. González
P C. Ray
BN M. Cain
BN D. Haren
BN J. Lackey
DL N. Lowry

After finishing 2nd twice last year (both in the regular season and playoffs), I hope to come in first in at least one this year. Both have cash prizes…

On a side note, I finished second in my fantasy football team last season as well.. The first loser :O(

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday Night's Baseball Bets - MLB

Well, missed quite a few bets again today and through the weekend. I had the HUGE chalk play on the Yanks today (glad it won)...

This sucks, as I know that I'm not going to be able to post all my plays during the baseball season, but I'll try to post as many as I can...

I'll also work to figure out the record on posted plays and units soon...

One play tonight:

Apr-11 8:10 PM

Haren has a great numbers against the Twins. I'm laying some more chalk today to go with the hot team here.

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor