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Thursday, December 01, 2005

NFL Week 13 Bets - Final Card

The final card is coming out early this week, and if I don't post about the NFL again, you can be assured that this is it.

(I could possibly buy-off or play the middle on one or any of these games. I could also add plays if I see something really strong develop before Sunday.)

Disclaimer aside, here it is:

Early Plays:
Detroit Lions +2½ -108
Cincinnati Bengals +3½ -110 NFL play of the week
Buffalo Bills +4 -103
Dallas Cowboys +3 -104
Arizona Cardinals -3 +100

Added Plays:
Jacksonville Jaguars -3 +105
Washington Redskins -3 -105
Denver Broncos PK -110

Wow, 8 games this week, and they are all on the road. This is by far the largest number of sides I've taken in the NFL so far this year. Just so you know, I usually end up playing between 3 and 5 games a week, so this has the makings of a great week. Of course, it's gambling so I could 0-8, but realistically, I’d like to see 6-2 or 5-3.

Anyway, best of luck on all your action. Keep on reading and keep on betting, Cause we are going to Bank in a stretch limo and a sexy lady on each arm.

- The Online Sports Bettor
5-3 on posted plays YTD for a total of +1.64 units

The Pulse: Play of the Week!

Skybook's Pulse Play of the week... funny thing is, I agree with them this week. I haven't bet this game yet, but the Broncos do look good in this spot. I'll let you know if I make this a play. Look for my NFL Week 13 Bets - Early Plays post for all my bets so far this week.

- The Online Sports Bettor

"The Pulse has been licking some wounds lately, ticking down 11 units in the last 3 weeks. But never fear our Loyal Pulse Followers…we are on a real strong play this week and looking to get back some units this week with a best bet special. Our last two 5 star selections won easily and the corporate office has been working overtime to come up with another for week 13 in the NFL.

Play of the Week
The Pulse's Record: +16 Units

Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Pulse gives this play a 5-Star Rating
and says: Take Denver at a PK over Kansas City!

Looks too easy doesn’t it? This number is a joke and we need to capitalize on this as we might not see another "steam-play" like this again the rest of the year. Are we to understand that the reason a vastly superior Bronco team is in a “pick-em” situation because they are playing at Arrowhead? When these teams played earlier this year, it was no contest as the Broncos used their dominating running game to get out to an early lead and used their increasingly diverse defense to shut down the supposed vaunted, Chiefs offense. From that game, both teams have gone in opposite directions, although the Chiefs still hold hopes for a play-off game this year. This is the game that shatters KC’s dreams of a post-season bliss.

The Pulse has been down all year on KC. With their injuries, offensive line..their best RB Holmes gone for the year, and now more injuries in the secondary - we see no reason to even think that they have a chance this week. We have seen some nice things with RB Johnson leading the way to some recent victories, but this team just doesn’t match up well with the Broncos. The strengths of the Broncos are in their front 7, and KC does not posses the long ball threat to exploit the only weakness that Denver has on “D”. They will try in vain to run the ball and throw to Gonzales, but the Broncos have seen this song before and know the lines, lyrics, and melodies as if they wrote the song themselves…

Funny thing…they run the same offense to perfection, something KC will know all about by the end of this mismatch.

The Broncos will have their way with the Chiefs as they will move the ball with out much trouble as they did in their first meeting. Although the crowd and maybe some special teams play will keep the Chiefs close, we cannot avoid this special “road value” game as the number should be higher than “pick-em”. If the Cowboys received 2 points at home on Thanksgiving with a better-quality defense to KC’s, then this one looks too easy to pass up.

Grab this game soon, as the number is predicted to go higher as the week progresses. Take the Broncos as they continue their dominance of the Chiefs and secure their position as the 2nd best team in the AFC, maybe in the NFL. The Chiefs, with a tough schedule ahead and injuries to boot, end their post-season aspirations right here in week 13."

NYC Living

Waking up in Manhattan. Rolling into work tired and hungover. It’s days like this that make you feel alive.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NFL Week 13 Bets - Early Plays

It's only Tuesday, and there is already plenty that I love in the NFL for week 13.

Get ready boys and girls cause we already have 5 playable games for the week. And the best part about it, 4 plays are dogs! That's right! I love it when the puppies bark and with a little luck make week 13 is the best week yet.

Detroit Lions +2½ -108
Detroit? You might ask how anyone could bet on Detroit. Well, they are at home vs. a bad Vikings team and very pissed off after being embarrassed on Thanksgiving Day. All and all, they lost last Thursday to an underrated Atlanta team, and trust me, the Vikings are no Falcons. Give them the couple extra days rest, and this team is ready to play.

Cincinnati Bengals +3½ -110 the play of the week
It’s bad to bet division rivals on the road right? Well believe it or not, Cinci has some value this week up in Pittsburgh. Pitt is coming off the short week, and looking for revenge that it won’t find this weekend. Cinci is gelling like Magellan and covered easily last week. Take the points in this one.

Buffalo Bills +4 -103
Hold your nose on this one for sure because the Bills have value here. I went against Miami last week, and I’m doing it again here. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then, and that’s what Miami did last week. While Buffalo hasn’t been showing must on the road this year, they did give up a decent lose to Carolina. I went against them two weeks ago, but I have to play them here.

Dallas Cowboys +3 -104
Dallas and the Giants both had tough loses last week. The difference is that the Cowboys lost to the better team and are the better team of the two. Even that out with the game in New York, add in the additional days rest for the Boys, and this line should be even. Take the field goal in this one. Don’t worry, both kickers miss.

Arizona Cardinals -3 +100
My last divisional road play, yet this one is a favorite. Simply put, I’m fading San Fran at even money.

Good Luck on all your action this week.
Added plays will be posted later, as always.

After 2 weeks: 5-3 on posted plays YTD for a total of +1.64 units YTD

- The Online Sports Bettor

Another FSU Chick

Why didn't I go to this school?

- The Online Sports Bettor

Monday, November 28, 2005

A Few FSU Seminoles Cheerleaders

At the Game...

Giving hugs...


At some picture...

And at the party...

Who wouldn't want those three at their party? Maybe Steven Colbert...

- The Online Sports Bettor

Comedy Central - Shows - The Colbert Report

Comedy Central - Shows - The Colbert Report

Does anyone watch this dribble? I did. Once. It was horrible. Such a let down from the all-star reporter of The Daily Show. Thank you Steven Colbert for proving why spin-offs don't work, again.

Oh, I'm sorry Colbert. I guess the cast of friends did it. Too bad you aren't as talented as Joey.

I mean, come on. Your show has so much potential, yet you’re dumbing it down for the masses... I think.

My advice, steal some quality joke writers from The Daily Show, add some decent guests and maybe someone to look at aside from you, like Vida Guerra (yes, I typed "great ass" into google), and make the topics move.

I'll wait a week and give you one more try, and if you don't make my head hurt from banging it against remote, I'd call it a success.

Good Luck. I'm sure the 11:30 time slot is really challenging going head to head with re-runs of That ‘70s Show and a couple of old geezers, but if anyone can fuck it up, it’s probably you… (I would have never guessed it)

- The Online Sports Bettor

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Week 12 NFL - Quick Recap

Denver -2: OT win and cover
KC -3: easy win
SD Charges -3: OT win and cover
Oakland -7: So Miami does have a Defense?

5-3 on posted plays YTD for a total of +1.64 units YTD

Not bad :O)

- The Online Sports Bettor