Saturday, January 14, 2006

NFL Playoffs - Added Bet

New England Patriots/Denver Broncos UNDER 44 -110
System play: Over 75% of the public is on the over. The lines hasn't moved.
Also Doing Lines seems to like this play.

Look at yesterday's post for all other bets.

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

Friday, January 13, 2006

The NFL Playoffs - 2 Added Bets, Free Picks

Day of the week Fidel Castro will die
Mon 5/5 6:00AM (PST)
* Note: EST official any bets after death will be deemed past post and cancelled

Too Funny...

Added NFL Bets:
Pittsburgh Steelers/Indianapolis Colts Over 47.5 – 105
I like the over here. The Steelers should be able to run in this one. The Colts' offense is awesome.

Chicago Bears -3 +110 (sold the hook)
Fading the public… DA BEARS had a week off. They are healthy. They are playing at home. They have THE best defense in the league. “Defense wins Championships”… All related trends point to DA BEARS.

I stole this from somewhere:
#1 Scoring Defense
#1 3rd Down Defense
#1 Red Zone Defense

Previously posted bets:
Denver Broncos -3 -113 Play of the Week
Seattle Seahawks -9 -110

Most probably my final card…

Record on all posted football bets: 30-16-1, +13.06 units

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

NFL Weekend Ramblings - Who else to bet?

Wow. Where did all the action on Indy come from? I was undecided @ 9, now I have to go up to 10? I even saw it @ 10 ½ at one of my books... I guess I should have played it early…

Anyway, I still like the over... Expect a play tonight…

Yes, I’m sitting home tonight. It fucking sucks, but I have to work tomorrow… I guess one Saturday a year isn’t that bad… my boss works all the time (the reason why I will never get a blackberry).

I really like the Bears too. But out of the people’s opinions that I tend to respect, everyone is on Carolina… hmmm… What are they missing?

Anyway, be back in an hour or two with some plays for ya :O)

Record on all posted football bets: 30-16-1, +13.06 units

- The Online Sports Bettor

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

NFL Playoff Bets - Washington at Seattle

Snapple fact #327 - Chewing gun was invented in New York City in 1870 by Thomas Adams. (I’m drinking a Snapple)

Figuring out this weekend:
Okay, I posted enough on the Denver game, and no longer want to think about it. It’s one game, not the Super Bowl, and since I’ve been discussing it so much today, I’m now sick of it! Bet it. It’s the Play of the Week: Denver Broncos -3

Okay on to the rest of the games:
Seattle Seahawks -9 -110
If you follow this sports betting blog, you had to see this one coming. After all, I’m playing 3 Seahawks in my fantasy football league this week (and you pick new players every week). How does Washington stop Shaun Alexander? I don’t think they can. I’m also looking for Edgerrin James and Bobby Engram to have big days… let’s see if I get 'em.

Anyway, Washington has been on a tear, winning their last 6 games. I bet on them last week, but I can’t do it again. They are hurt in the secondary, on the road for their third straight game, and playing in Seattle (3 hours earlier). Even with Seahawk’s cupcake schedule, you have to respect this team at home. I know 9 is a lot to give, but with the public on Washington and the line still moving up, I feel pretty good about the side I’m on.

I’m tempted to bet all the unders this week. I won’t though because I like the over on Indy… I’m still undecided on a play.

I’m also tempted to take all the favorites this week… The public is on all the dogs, how can I be wrong? Still looking at the other games…

I’ll be back later with more plays (maybe tonight, maybe not)

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

Football Playoffs - Why Denver Wins

Additional reasons why Denver will win this weekend:

To ease the minds of other bettors.

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NFL Playoff Bets!!! The Broncos vs. The Patriots

Listening to Bubba the Love Sponge on Sirius Radio channel 101, fucking hilarious… I might like this guy better than Howard Stern.

Anyway, on to the NFL…

Denver Broncos -3 -113 Play of the Week
I knew I was going to bet this since Monday. Why I waited until now? Who the fuck knows? Maybe I was trying to wait until I could get the worst line possible… Or maybe I was scared to bet against THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS… Well that fear is gone, and I’ve already decided that if the Pats win again this week, I’m just going to keep betting against them until they lose (depending on the lines of course). BUT New England will not get past the Broncos, and here is why:

Denver is the 2nd best team in the NFL. Yes, better than the Seahawks, and much better than the Pats. Having played 10 teams over .500 this season, and winning 7 of those games, the Broncos have proven that they are for real. Not only that, but they are deep… Remember Thanksgiving when Ron Dayne led this team to victory over the Cowboys? The Broncos won’t even play Dayne this weekend as Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell are healthy (but they'll have the same front line). Even with the Broncos using two good backs, I see them winning this game on Jake Plummer’s arm, as he picks apart the Patriots’ secondary.

The last time these two teams met was in October. Denver won 28-20, and started pulling starters after they were up 28-3. Pulling their better players allowed NE to score two meaningless TDs in the fourth quarter to make the game look closer then it really was… Maybe that is why the public is all over New England… Or maybe the public is stupid :O)

I’ll be back with more NFL plays for this weekend in day or two.

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor


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Sportsline NFL Division Playoffs - Fantasy Football

Sportsline gives every player a point ranking based on their performance through out the 2005 NFL season. You have 300 points that you can allocate to pick players from each position for each week of the Playoffs. We contributed some cash in my league, winner take all.

These are my starters this week:

Players - Units
Plummer, Jake QB DEN - 59
Alexander, Shaun RB SEA - 83
James, Edgerrin RB IND - 63
Engram, Bobby WR SEA - 21
Jackson, Darrell WR SEA - 16
Alexander, Stephen TE DEN - 5
Gould, Robbie K CHI - 19
Bears, DST DST CHI - 34
Team Units - 300

Yeah, I sacrificed @ tight end and kicker to try to fill my team with studs elsewhere. I’ve got the two best running backs going this week, as well as the best defense. I picked up the two wide receivers from Seattle because I believe that they are incredibly undervalued by Sportsline, and I needed to save on points. As I like Denver to win this week, I grabbed Plummer at QB.

I should be back with some football bets for this weekened tonight.

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Monday, January 09, 2006

Weekend Recap - NFL Playoffs Bets and Boxing Bets

3-2 (+0.94 units) on the Wild Card Round of the Playoffs for this sports betting blog. 1-1 (-0.86 units) on boxing.

Quick Recap of Plays:

Football Bets:
Washington +2 -115 – WIN
Carolina Panthers (+2.5) +105 – WIN
Pittsburgh Steelers -3 +102 NFL Free Pick - WIN
Jacksonville Jaguars +7.5 -108 - Loss
Washington Redskins/Tampa Bay Buccaneers Total Points OVER 36.5 -105 – Loss

Boxing Bets:
Joel Jair Julio -700 – WIN
Jean Marc Mormeck -450 – Loss (Never bet on the French!!!)

Well, 3-2 in the NFL isn’t bad, especially with some of the plus money lines that I cashed on. Pittsburgh and the Panthers were easy covers, probably made easier by the injury to Carson Palmer. I found myself rooting for Tampa Bay near the end of the Wachington game, just to try to cover the over… they had a few shots, but they just couldn’t get it done. The New England fade didn’t cash either, but the Pats defense won me my NFL Playoffs fantasy football league @ sportsline (private money league) this week with 6 sacks, a the couple of turnovers, and a score... so it’s not all bad.

This wasn’t the opening to boxing that I was looking for (my first 2 bets on this sport in years), but that money will return with time… I’m going to be more selective in the fights I bet in the future, especially ones with Don King on both sides…

Record on all posted football bets: 30-16-1, +13.06 units
Record on posted boxing bets: 1-1, -0.86 units

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor