Friday, January 13, 2006

NFL Weekend Ramblings - Who else to bet?

Wow. Where did all the action on Indy come from? I was undecided @ 9, now I have to go up to 10? I even saw it @ 10 ½ at one of my books... I guess I should have played it early…

Anyway, I still like the over... Expect a play tonight…

Yes, I’m sitting home tonight. It fucking sucks, but I have to work tomorrow… I guess one Saturday a year isn’t that bad… my boss works all the time (the reason why I will never get a blackberry).

I really like the Bears too. But out of the people’s opinions that I tend to respect, everyone is on Carolina… hmmm… What are they missing?

Anyway, be back in an hour or two with some plays for ya :O)

Record on all posted football bets: 30-16-1, +13.06 units

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