Saturday, December 17, 2005

Week 15 Football Bets - Another Added Play

Adding another Saturday game. This will probably be my final card...

Kansas City Chiefs/New York Giants UNDER 48 -108

Other Week 15 NFL Bets:
Arizona Cardinals -3 +120
Denver Broncos -8 -110
Dallas Cowboys +2.5 -102
Pittsburgh Steelers -3 -119 NFL bet of the week

Record on Posted Bets: 14-9 YTD, +4.04 units

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

Friday, December 16, 2005

Two for the Money

I’m staying at a hotel, so I decided to purchase this movie. And I have to say that from a sports bettor’s perspective Two for the Money is complete garbage. If you haven’t seen it, don’t bother. Besides, I’m going to tell you what happened here anyway.

Okay, so Matthew McConaughey’s character is picking football picks in Vegas. His whole method of handicapping is “knowing the teams”. Anyway, he goes on a tear and ends up being recruited by Al Pacino, who is a HUGE sports betting tout in NYC. McConaughey moves out to New York and continues his winning streak until luck catches up with him and his BS handicapping methods… He loses and loses hard. Anyway with everything on the line, McConaughey flips a coin to pick the winner and the over/under on the Super Bowl, and he wins!

Such Bullshit! I wish I could “bet it all” on a coin flip on the biggest Sunday of the year and win!

Also, the degenerate gambler undertones in this movie are disgusting… If everyone is a degenerate gambler, make it a sad ending… Yet they win in the end, giving the illusion that compulsive gamblers sometimes walk away winners… Well, maybe 1 in 1,000, but not in this case… flash forward a year after this movie ends, and it’ll be nothing but tragedy.

Being a true sports bettor for years, this movie was an enormous let down. I guess I wanted to see true winners, but that would take grinding it out and that’s probably not too glamorous for Hollywood. In fact, the one guy that is a grinder in the movie gets fired by Pacino… so sad…

Sports bettors that are looking for their version of Rounders, I’m sorry but this is not it.

Week 15 Football Bets - Added Play

Arizona Cardinals -3 +120
Yeah, I sold the extra point... The Texans really don't want to win this game. They have their eyes set on next year and Bush. Their coash is gone after this season, Domanick Davis is questionable and might not play, and Andre Johnson hasn't been any help to David Carr who was sacked six times last week... This is more than a bet on the Cardinals, this is a strong fade on Houston.

Earlier Week 15 NFL Bets:
Denver Broncos -8 -110
Dallas Cowboys +2.5 -102
Pittsburgh Steelers -3 -119 (Now my NFL free pick)

A word on the Steelers, I bet them before all the Love Boat news started coming out of Minnesota this week. I liked this play then, and love it now... I might bet another 1 unit play on them this Sunday (at -3.5 or 4) if it still looks as good...

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

I posted this from my cell phone!

just wanted to try it :-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Week 15 Football Bets – Early Plays

Okay, down to business, enough bullshit about claiming blogs and my travel schedule. I ran the numbers this week, and there are a few good plays that I’m getting on now!

First Bet:
Did someone say Saturday NFL!
Denver Broncos -8 -110

The Broncos are one of the NFL’s elite, while the opposite can be said for Buffalo. This Rocky Mountain team travels east to play the late game in cold climate that they are so accustom too… And expect them to open it up against the Bills arguing receiver core, almost nonexistent running game, and 2nd string QB (Losman is out this week). While Denver doesn’t have to worry about making the playoffs, they are still fighting for Home Field, and one shouldn’t expect them to play dead against this inferior team. Feel free to give the points in this one…

Second Bet:
Dallas Cowboys +2.5 -102

Washington is favored here? Dallas is the stronger team and matchs up better against strong opponents. Both teams are playing for their lives, and it’s in Washington, which could have been scary until both Oakland and San Diego came East to bet them. The Cowboys have had a tough last 3 where Washington has been winning over mediocre teams the last 2 weeks… maybe that’s where the line is where it is… Anyway, the Cowboys should win this one straight up and the extra security of a few points makes this one a nice play.

Third Bet:
Pittsburgh Steelers -3 -119

God, I hate laying this much vig. If I had any balls at all, I would pull up my skirt and bet Pitt @ -3½ at +101 and be happy… and I still might…

But for now, I’m paying a lot to have them at -3 and with this team, I like it better that way. Anyway, Pitt wins when they run the ball, and with the Bus back in action, that shouldn’t be a problem… Both teams are playing for playoff spots here, but the main difference has been their roads to get to this point. While Pitt has been struggling against good teams, the Vikings have taken advantage of every shitty team that has crossed their path (and only 1 good one). When you look at their records, Minny has only beaten one team with a winning record all year. Meanwhile they have lost to 6. Pitt on the other hand is 3-4 against the league's bettor teams and has played much closer games. I’m going with the more proven team here.

Well, those are the early plays…

Record on Posted Bets: 14-9 YTD, +4.04 units

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

The Howard Stern Rally

It’s this Friday outside of K-Rock, and I have to go to fucking Cleveland, Ohio. Bullshit! This is going to be one hell of a great, early morning party. I’ve listened to Howard for years, and never gone to a single event… except seeing the Reverend Bob Levy with Casey Armstrong and Artie Lang at the Stress Factory… Anyway, I’d love to go and be apart of this thing (being broadcast on yahoo) and get drunk with the crowd in the snow at 6am on Friday… I hate Ohio!

Yes I have Sirius

The Ostrich Races

Ahhh, the ostrich races… I always loved these as a child. Sometimes growing up on the mean streets on Harlem, the ostrich races where all a young boy had to look forward to.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

LS Blogs

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Claiming my blog again...

NFL Week 14 Bets - Monday Night Football

Well, I already posted my Football Bets recap for week 14, so I'm not going to repeat it here. I am adding my Monday Night Win to my record though...

Atlanta Falcons -10 -104 - WIN

With this win, it brings my record for the week to 4-3 and +0.74 units.
Record on Posted Bets: 14-9 YTD, +4.04 units (man that juice hurts)

So far all my posted bets have been on NFL Football, I always use multiple sportsbooks in orders to find the best lines, and all bets are for 1 unit.

I'll be back this week (maybe tonight) with plays for week 15.

Good Luck on all your sports betting action.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Monday, December 12, 2005


Just registering my blog...

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NFL Week 14 Bets - Added Play

I know it's stupid to post another play after I just did my recap, but I've been mulling it over all day, and finally decided that yes, Atlanta is worth a play in this spot. Even at minus ten, so...

Atlanta Falcons -10 -104

Basically, the Saints are horrid and have nothing to play for here. Atlanta needs a win to keep their season going. And a blow out is looming.

I know it's a late play, and could be considered a little bit of a steam play too, but I think it's worth a look.

Good Luck all

- The Online Sports Bettor

Fantasy Football Playoffs

I won my Fantasy Football game this week!
1-0 in the playoffs. A win next week guarantees me some more $$$. I’ve already taken my buy-in plus from the league after having won my division. It’s all other people’s money from here on out.

Week 14 Football Bets - Recap

Well, went 2-2 this week (3-3 technically), and I guess breaking even is better than losing… I did give back some juice though… Anyway, it a marathon, not a race and you have to play through the so-so weeks and losing streaks to come out ahead.

Quick recap below:

Tennessee Titans -6 -112 - Won the game but failed to cover - Lose
Cincinnati Bengals -12 -105 - Won the game but failed to cover - Lose
Indianapolis Colts/Jacksonville Jaguars OVER 42 -110 - Win
New England Patriots -3.5 -109 - Win

Same game:
Oakland Raiders -3 +114 - Lose
New York Jets +3 -105 - Win

I ending up losing 0.22 units this week, including the game I bought off. That and I lost my play of the week, which always sucks... But yeah, I'm still 13-9 YTD on plays posted here and 8-6 on my plays of the week. Things could be worse.

Posted Bets: 13-9 YTD, +3.30 units (not too bad over the 4 weeks I've been posting)

- The Online Sports Bettor