Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Help Legalize Online Gambling - Support BJ Lawson

Are you an American citizen?
Do you live in North Carolina?
Do you want to help legalize online gambling in the United States?
What's with all the questions?

I don't check my email very often. It's usually full of sex and weight lose adds. But today I got a couple of interesting emails.

The first was from a DINK who turned me on to one of the best people running for Congress this election cycle. This man is BJ Lawson, and you can check out his website HERE.

Lawson is running for North Carolina's 4th District, and he's my type of politician. He believes in supporting free trade, protecting out borders, and protecting our personal liberties.

MOST importantly (for an online sports bettor that is), Lawson understands the importance of a free and unregulated internet. He is probably one of the most pro-online gambling candidates running this cycle.

If you are an online gambler (or even if you aren't), I encourage you to learn about this man. One more internet friendly person in Congress may be all this country needs to prevent some of the prohibitive legislation that our government tends to pass and will try to pass in the future.

The second interesting email was from a group trying to rally online gamblers into writing their reps, but I think I'll save that for another day...

I cashed on the All-Star Game last night, and it feels good. Thank you American League...

Good Luck
The Online Sports Bettor

Monday, July 14, 2008

MBL All-Star Game Bet - The American League

American League All Stars -145 (bet at BoDog)

Sure, it's the All-Star Game (aka. not a real game), but the AL hasn't lost this game in 10 years! This is a good streak, and I don't see it ending tomorrow. The AL is also bringing in some great closers, and in a game where they can change pitchers every inning, I expect the AL to completely shut down the National League batters for the last several innings.

2-0 on the bases yesterday, although I have to admit that I might have gotten lucky on the Rangers. I didn't bet it, but that over was a lock.

Good Luck

The Online Sports Bettor

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Baseball Bets

So the Yanks won yesterday after getting shut out the day before. This makes them 5-1 following a shutout this year and outscoring opponents 36-16 in those games. Something to watch for during the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, Favre is really trying to kill my retirement bet. I am surprised that he still wants to come back. It looks like Green Bay won't release him, so maybe he'll decide to stay retired, but it looks like a losing bet right now...

Looking at today's baseball games, Tampa Bay looks like a gimme, but they're -159 and have lost 6 strsight... Today's only homedogs are Toronto (vs the Yankees) and the Pirates (vs the Cards). but I can't bet either of them. In fact, I think that I have the bet the Cards this game.

Pittsburgh's pitcher, Ian Snell has been terrible in three starts against the Cards this year and has gone 0-1 with a 9.64 ERA. He’s has an all time 4.88 ERA in 10 starts and one relief appearance vs St. Louis. Meanwhile, the Cards starter, Joel Piñeiro, has a 2.81 lifetime ERA against the Pirates.

I'm also jumping on Texas at home today. They're trying to sweap the series against the White Sox, and they're looking for they're 22 year old rookie pitcher, Matt Harrison, to have a good day. This is only Harrison's second major league start (that this is probably why the line is so close), but he was great in his first. He's going up against José Contreras, who has an ERA of over 5 on the road this year and a lifetime ERA of over 6 vs Texas. If you don't like Harrison, the over could be a good bet (currently at 10.5 runs).

Today's baseball bets:
St. Louis Cardinals -114 (bet at BoDog)
Joel Pineiro (R)

Texas Rangers -101 (also bet at BoDog)
Matt Harrison (L)

Good Luck today.

The Online Sports Bettor