Saturday, December 09, 2006

Week 14 NFL - Added Bet

to win a 1/2 unit:
Houston Texans
10-December-2006 10:00 AM PST
Spread -0.5 for 1st Half +104

See below for write up and all bets. Good Luck.

Week 14 Free NFL Football Picks - Added Plays

Houston Texans
10-December-2006 10:00 AM PST
Spread -1 for Game -109
The Vince Young Bowl? Right.... with the Titans win last week, and "Young coming home" this week, 80% of all bets are coming in on Tennesse to cover. I'm not buying it. This is the trap game of the week. Teams that cover 4 weeks in a row (Titans), mostly likely lose the 5th. All the action is on the Titans, yet the line isn't moving... The Texans come out hard and reclaim their fans this weekend.

Denver Broncos
10-December-2006 1:15 PM PST
Spread +7.5 for Game -111
Division game coupled with revenge. San Diego gave it to the Broncos on their home turf in their last meeting. I'm sure the Broncos would love to do the same here... I don't see them winning this game, but I think this will be a close one... a close 4th quarter battle ending within a TD.

Other week 14 bets (earlier write ups):
Baltimore Ravens +3
Jacksonville Jaguars +1

NFL 2006 record: 38-38-3, +0.20 units, 50.0% winners

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Friday, December 08, 2006

Fantasy Football Player Betting

This is great! How did I not know about this until now?

Fantasy Football Player Matchups
Week 14 Matchups
Jeff Garcia (PHI) vs Rex Grossman (CHI)
Jeff Garcia (PHI) -125

The cafe says it well:
Jeff Garcia, PHI (9.8 rating): I don’t think anyone expected the former Pro Bowler turned journeyman quarterback to perform as well as Garcia has over his three starts this season. The veteran has thrown six touchdowns and zero interceptions since taking over as the Eagles QB, including a three touchdown outing last week against Carolina. Garcia should be available in pretty much every league this week, so if you are a little weak at quarterback, Garcia could be a very sneaky play. The Eagles play a Redskins secondary that has been awful against the pass. The Skins are tied for worst in the league with 23 touchdown passes given up, and have recorded a league-low five interceptions.

I had to pay some juice for this one, but I don't care...

All the other lines look decent except I liked Donald Driver @ San Fran over Joey Galloway vs. Atlanta... just not enough to bet it. With Michael Clayton out for the year, Galloway is TB's only real threat. Factor in the Falcon's weak pass defense, and Galloway could have a good day.

The scoring system of 1 point for every 50 passing yards, 1 point for every 20 rushing yards, 1 point for every 20 receiving yards, 6 points for every touchdown, 2 points for every 2 point conversion, -2 points for every fumble lost and -2 points for every interception will be used.

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Week 14 Free NFL Football Picks - Added Play

I'm really starting to hate the Browns.. 0-1 for this week.

Added play:
Jacksonville Jaguars
10-December-2006 10:00 AM PST
Spread +1 for Game -110
The Colts line is inflated week after week... They are a good team, but the Jags are at home, the wrong team is favored here. Indianapolis had beaten 4 winning opponents, the Jags only 2. The public is on the Colts 75% on the spread and 83% on the money line... yet the line is creaping toward Jax. Ind is 32nd vs the run. Jax is 3rd in rushing offense. I like the Jags.

Other thoughts:
Denver plus the points could be nice.
You can get Dallas at 7. (who have the Saints beat?)
Bears in primetime... well in 2006, primetime has turned into blowout covers... will it continue?

Other week 14 bets:
Baltimore Ravens +3

Anyway, the record is not so good, and I'm back to about even on the year...

NFL 2006 record: 38-38-3, +0.20 units, 50.0% winners

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Thursday, December 07, 2006

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Early Week 14 Free Football Picks - NFL

Cleveland Browns over Pittsburgh Steelers
7-December-2006 5:00 PM PST
Spread +7.5 for Game -112
Nice home dog coming off a win.

Baltimore Ravens over Kansas City Chiefs
10-December-2006 10:00 AM PST
Spread +3 for Game -116
Over a week to prepair. Tough road trip, but they are the better team.

Laying some big chalk, but I had to buy the hook on both. Anyway, there is value in these games... lets hope it holds true.

I'll be back with more later.

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Week 13 NFL Free Football Picks - Added Bet

New York Giants over Dallas Cowboys
3-December-2006 1:15 PM PST
Spread +3 for Game +101

On paper, Dallas is the better team, yet I'm betting the Big Blue this week. The Giants need this win to keep their season alive. It's their first homegame in 3 weeks, against a division rival, and they are getting points. The Public is on the Cowboys, but expect the Giants to keep this one close (and maybe win).

Note: The injury report is ugly, and Strahan is out. But Madison the CB is back, Brandon Short the LB is back, and Osi Umienyora the other starting defensive end will be playing again too.

For this weekend's other NFL football bets, take a look at yesterday's post.

Good Luck sports betting people.

- The Online Sports Bettor