Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Years - Time Square

I am going into New York for the New Years, but I’m going to a club and avoiding Times Square. I went there one year until 10pm, but it is so cold and crowded that it isn’t very much fun. Anyway, we left that year to go bar hopping, and I’ll never go to ball drop again.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Week 14 Football Bets - Current Card

Tennessee Titans -6 -112 (free half point) NFL play of the week
Cincinnati Bengals -12 -105
Indianapolis Colts/Jacksonville Jaguars OVER 42 -110
New England Patriots -3.5 -109
Oakland Raiders -3 +114
New York Jets +3 -105
Turns into a small 14/5 on the Raiders -3 (really a no play. But it’s posted, so I’m tracking it)

Record on posted plays: 10-6 YTD, +3.52 units

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

NFL Week 14 Betting - More Added Plays

Well, I no longer like the Oakland game with Collins on the bench. So what did I do, I bet the other side @ -105.

So for this game I have:
Oakland Raiders -3 +114
New York Jets +3 -105

Well, it now looks like a tiny bet for me here with me winning about 0.14 units if Oakland covers, and losing about 0.05 units if they miss… well it’s action in the right direction, bet 1 to win 3, just for a small amount…

I’m also adding the following:
New England Patriots -3.5 -109

Yes, I’m betting the Pats even though I’m probably starting Lee Evans on my Fantasy team… to me fantasy football and sports betting are mostly unrelated… Meaning the Bills could lose and Evans could still have a HUGE week. It happens all the time.

Playing Online Poker

Man, I usually play party poker whenever I'm online, but resently I've been moved away from it... Stolen by another poker site... My new site? BoDog Poker! I just love the games here... Over the years, Party Poker's games have been getting better and better with most of the poker playing population flocking to this site. (By better and better, I mean better quality opponents, so it's really worse and worse for me.) The 2-4 game there plays like a 5-10 at the Taj, and I got sick on if.

I play poker to win! 5-10 is usually my lowest game in a live casino or poker room, and I prefer 10-20 or no limit. Yet in this online room (Party Poker), I know my competition is so good that I'm forced to play 2-4. This is not due just to the competition, but also the speed of the hands… If you go on till online, watch out! Five minutes later you could be broke.

Anyway, I’ve recently started BoDog Poker, and man, do I love it. They always have enough people online to play at any limit, and yes they have fish! I downloaded the software, and I haven’t turned back since. Maybe it’s just me, but I have been on such a tear at this joint that I’ve already doubled my bankroll 2 different times (about 3 weeks)…

Maybe it’s changing rooms that gave me a new perspective, almost a new online poker life, that I can attribute my winning too. Or maybe it’s the level of player I’m playing against here. Maybe it’s just dumb luck, or a combination of all three… Who knows, who cares… I have found my new poker home, and I’m staying :O)

Weather and fantasy football

Okay, so I’m in the first week of my fantasy playoffs, and I currently deciding who to start at wide receiver. I’m going with Steve Smith who is a stud and I never bench, but my second pick isn’t as easy. Right now it’s between Lee Evans and Bobby Engram.

Evans is playing vs. the Pats whose secondary is hurt. He has also proven to be the favorite receive of JP Losman, the starting quarterback for the Bills this week. Adding/Detracting from Evans’ case is that Eric Moulds, Buffalo’s other starting wide out, is benched for the week due to "conduct detrimental to the team." This seems to be a double edged sword. Without Moulds, Evans easily becomes the main target and will get a look on almost every pass. Without Moulds, everyone knows Evans will be the main target, and he could end up in a lot of double coverages. But again, the Pats secondary sucks…

Engram on the other hand is currently the Seahawks #1 receiver, with D-Jax just coming back from injury. Seattle is also playing at San Fran, who sucks. It seems like a no brainer to start Engram, but the Seahawks may rest him once they have a nice lead. Also, with Alexander, this team could just run the ball all day, build up a nice lead, and then decide to rest their starters. So Engram could see very little action.

Both these situations aren’t great plays, so how do I make my decision? I think it comes down to the weather…

If it snows, the Bills game could easily become a run dominate game on both ends. Simple put, Buffalo will not be passing the ball, and Evans gets shit for points. If it doesn’t snow, Evans, Losman’s only good target, should have a good day.

So what I’m trying to say is that I’m waiting until Sunday and depending on the forecast in Buffalo, I’ll decide then which of these two gets the nod… Weather and fantasy football…

Thursday, December 08, 2005

NFL Week 14 - Added Plays

After further review of this weeks games and lines, these are my added plays as of Thursday:

Added Plays:
Cincinnati Bengals -12 -105
Indianapolis Colts/Jacksonville Jaguars OVER 42 -110

Earlier Plays:
Oakland Raiders -3 +114
Tennessee Titans -6 -112 (free half point) NFL play of the week

All plays are for 1 units, as always
Record on posted plays: 10-6 YTD, +3.52 units

I'm also looking at the Bills game, but I'm not ready to bet it yet. I like the fact that Moulds might be playing again, but I'm waiting for more news...

Good Luck on all you action :O)

- The Online Sports Bettor

If I had three wishes…

If I had three wishes…

Remember the TV show “Out of This World”? No? Well is was a stupid, sitcom that first aired in 1987. Anyway, a brief description of the show is listed below:
This show revolved around a teenager, who was a little different from most: she was half alien! She had the ability to stop time. Unfortunately, her father (the alien) wasn't around to guide her, though she could communicate with him. She had a surfer boyfriend -with whom she could not share her secret, though she was often tempted...

My first wish would definitely be the ability to freeze time, just like she had. Not only could she freeze time, but she could awaken people in this frozen period of time to enjoy it with her. Just think… there would be no more reasons to have a quicky. If you don’t have time for the full blown love making session, just freeze time! Also, a little short on cash? Freeze time, walk into a bank, and your problems are over! Feel like a nap at work (even though I don’t really see why you would have to work), just freeze time again, and you could lounge in the boss’s office (and move all his stuff around)!

Yeah… that would be my first wish.

My second wish… world peace? Feed the hungry? Eternal Happiness (= Prozac for life?)

No, none of the above… It would have to be to never do laundry ever again! Meaning, I would love to come home from work, take off my shirt, throw it on the floor, and in the next ½ a second, it was miraculously dry cleaned and hanging in my closet. Yep, no laundry for me would be my second wish.

Now that I have sex, money, sleep, and laundry covered, my next wish would have to involve vanity… It just has too…

Should I be a movie star with looks like Brad Pitt? Should I be irresistible to the opposite sex?

Well, I don’t want to be famous. I’m happy with the way I look, and my luck with the ladies. (I mean where is the fun if they just throw themselves at you?) I think I would wish to never age, never died, and never get injured (just like the vampires in Anne Rice’s books: Interview with a Vampire, etc.) The only catch is that I would want someone to share my life with, so my partner (yes, wife… even though I’m not married) would have to have the same ability. If I couldn’t get it for two, I would pass.

Passing would still leave my last wish open… in that case, I guess I would wish for something for the good of all people. Maybe to cure cancer or alzheimer's, even though another disease will take their places… Maybe, I could end religion, because it has caused so many wars… Or wish that all people treat each other a little nicer and with respect…

It's really a mess when you’re trying to figure out a wish for the good of all people. There are just too many problems to solve with just one wish (or even three for that matter)… so I guess I’d be selfish and wish for the most magnificent penis in the world!

That’s not asking for too much :O)

- The Online Sports Bettor

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Give us a kiss! Druids reveal the mystery of mistletoe - Yahoo! News

Give us a kiss! Druids reveal the mystery of mistletoe - Yahoo! News: "'Traditionally mistletoe was considered to be the semen of the gods and of the forest, because the berries contain a liquid that looks like and has the texture of semen,' he said."


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Xmas Shopping Sucks

I don't even know what I want for Xmas. How the hell am I suppose to know what everyone else wants?

Bah fucking humbug

Although, I am getting the serious boombox to go with my reciever and a flat screen TV to hang on my wall... I know that! Everyone else can just get me drunk and forget about presents :O)

NFL Week 14 Bets - Early Plays

2 early plays for ya this week...

Oakland Raiders -3 +114
Tennessee Titans -6 -112 (free half point) NFL play of the week

Record on posted play:
10-6 YTD, +3.52 units

Good Luck!
- The Online Sports Bettor

Sunday, December 04, 2005

NFL Week 13 Bets - Recap

Well, another day of betting is over, and it looks okay. 5-3 for plus 1.88 units looks like a decent weekend to me... no homerun, but winning, and that is key.

Quick Recap of this weeks plays:
Detroit Lions +2½ -108 - LOSE
Cincinnati Bengals +3½ -110 NFL play of the week - WIN
Buffalo Bills +4 -103 - WIN
Dallas Cowboys +3 -104 - LOSE
Arizona Cardinals -3 +100 - WIN
Jacksonville Jaguars -3 +105 - WIN
Washington Redskins -3 -105 - WIN
Denver Broncos PK -110 - LOSE

So far, 10-6 on posted plays YTD for a total of +3.52 units

Thanks for following :O)
- The Online Sports Bettor

NFL - Fair catch kick

I just saw this on ESPN, and I think it's pretty damn cool. Who knew that the NFL had this rule? I've been watch and handicapping football for years and had never heard of this until this year. Of course, it won't change the way I bet, but it could make a difference in a win or two over my lifetime.

A fair catch kick is a little-known, rarely used play in American football. In essence, it is a combination of both a kickoff and a field goal attempt. At one time a very similar rule existed in rugby union called goal from mark.

A team can only make a fair catch kick immediately after making a successfully fair catch. If time expires while the ball is in play before a fair catch is made, the receiving team may extend the period with a fair catch kick.

When a team wants to make a fair catch kick, the ball is placed at the yard line where the fair catch was made. Both teams line up as if it were a normal kickoff, with the defense lined up 10 yards away from the ball. The kicker cannot use a tee. But if he kicks the ball between the uprights of the goal posts, he scores a field goal.

This play is rarely used. First of all, it is only allowed in the NFL, high school, and a few other levels of football. And generally when a fair catch is made, there is usually enough time on the clock to try to move the ball closer to the end zone.

Because a fair catch kick is rarely used, many players, coaches and fans don't even know that the rule even exists.

It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a free kick.

NFL Sunday

and it's snowing...