Friday, December 09, 2005

Playing Online Poker

Man, I usually play party poker whenever I'm online, but resently I've been moved away from it... Stolen by another poker site... My new site? BoDog Poker! I just love the games here... Over the years, Party Poker's games have been getting better and better with most of the poker playing population flocking to this site. (By better and better, I mean better quality opponents, so it's really worse and worse for me.) The 2-4 game there plays like a 5-10 at the Taj, and I got sick on if.

I play poker to win! 5-10 is usually my lowest game in a live casino or poker room, and I prefer 10-20 or no limit. Yet in this online room (Party Poker), I know my competition is so good that I'm forced to play 2-4. This is not due just to the competition, but also the speed of the hands… If you go on till online, watch out! Five minutes later you could be broke.

Anyway, I’ve recently started BoDog Poker, and man, do I love it. They always have enough people online to play at any limit, and yes they have fish! I downloaded the software, and I haven’t turned back since. Maybe it’s just me, but I have been on such a tear at this joint that I’ve already doubled my bankroll 2 different times (about 3 weeks)…

Maybe it’s changing rooms that gave me a new perspective, almost a new online poker life, that I can attribute my winning too. Or maybe it’s the level of player I’m playing against here. Maybe it’s just dumb luck, or a combination of all three… Who knows, who cares… I have found my new poker home, and I’m staying :O)