Saturday, March 15, 2008

College Basketball Day

It's a big day for college basketball with the conference tournaments finishing up. I'm looking forward to the Big East Final tonight @ 9. (Georgetown -5.5) I haven't bet the game yet, but I have to lean toward Hoyas.

Anyway, there are some really good games going on right now with Virgina Tech currently beating UNC. That would be a huge upset.

This really is the best time for college basketball with March Madness starting next week. It looks like I'm 3 brackets so far this year, with only one being big money. Once the bracket comes out next week, I have to see if I want in any others. Besides, I'll probably be betting some games at BoDog.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tonight. It's a friends bachelor party in NYC. We have all you can drink and eat at a good spot for 3 hours tonight to start it off, and then we'll see where the night takes up. With the bars open until 4 am in the city, it should make for a crazy drunken night.

Good Luck today. Bet big and win big.

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