Saturday, January 17, 2009

NFL Football Sports Betting - Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals

Another good weekend for football and another great weekend to win some money. My 08-09 season NFL record is currently 49-32. This weekend's best bet -

Arizona Cardinals +4 (-110) over Philadelphia Eagles

Arizona is a home dog in the playoffs? Is this free money? The Eagles are on the road for the 3rd straight week, and they are coming off a very emotional win verse the Giants. Those are 3 big trends pointing against the Eagles this week: Road Favorite, Let down game and 3rd straight road game.

"But the Eagles killed the Cards Thanksgiving Day!" Yeah, everyone watched that game, and the public's perception has been figured into Sunday's line. That game is the reason why Arizona is not favored this weekend.

But lets take a look at the that game. It was in Philly. It was a short week. It was a West Coast team going East. It was the Cards first game after a rough loss to the defending Super Bowl Champions. Granted, Arizona got killed, but there are a lot factors that are different this time around.

The Cardinals are now playing well and running well. This team had only 10 rushing attempts the last time they met Philly. Even fewer two weeks later vs Minnesota this year, but they have now ran the ball 114 times over their last 3 games. This more balanced attack brings a different dynamic to this team's offense that the Eagles didn't face the first time around.

Arizona's defense has also shown much improvement in the playoffs. This middle of the road defense during the regular season, has forced 9 turnovers in their 2 playoff games. Turnovers win games.

As I mentioned before, discount Thanksgiving Day game and Arizona would be favored this week. Instead they are now getting 4 points. I'll those extra points.

Injuries: Boldin and Westbrook will play. Eagles' injured offensive tackle Runyan and safety Dawkins are also expect to play.

Good Luck

The Online Sports Bettor

Sunday, January 11, 2009

NFL Football Sports Betting – Sunday Football Bet - NFL Playoffs Week 2

Won another game yesterday... My NFL record is now 49-31 YTD.

San Diego Chargers/Pittsburgh Steelers UNDER 37.5

Good Luck

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