Friday, January 05, 2007

Sports Betting - The NFL Playoffs

The more I look at this week, the harder it is to bet. The only game I really like is Dallas vs. Seattle, and with my over on Dallas, I think I have that one covered. The Colts have too much offense for Kansas City, and I see them covering, but Indy's terrible run defense is a cause for concern.

I'm a Jets fan, but I think the Pats will win this week. By +8.5? That's a hard line to lean on, but I think it should be higher. That said, Eric Mangini knows Belichick and his team very well as was shown by New York's road win in Foxborough this year. The public likes the Jets this week more than any other team, and I'm expecting this line to drop by game time... If I can get it at a good price, I might throw a 1/2 unit on the Pats... but I doubt I will.

+7 for the Giants looks tempting. I see a few points in value on this one (should be around +5 says my line), but with the way this team has played the 2nd half of the season, is it worth betting? They are a decent road team and playing a rival away. This could be Tiki's last game, and many think it will be. The one bright spot I see for the Giants here is that they had a much tougher schedule than the Eagles, and I think that if the Eagles played New York's schedule, they probably wouldn't be in the post season... The Giants won in Philly in Week 2 and then lost at home a few weeks ago to this same team... I'm going to think about this one for a while, but if I place a bet, it will be on the Giants.

See below for Saturday's bets.

Good Luck Sports Bettors

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

NFL Playoffs Week 1 Free Football Picks

2 bets for now...

Indianapolis Colts
6-January-2007 1:30 PM PST
Spread -7 for Game -106
The Colts are the only team playing this week that have a winning record against winning teams, 4-1 (Say that 5 times fast). The Chiefs are 3-3. This game is in Indy, and the Colts haven't lost this year. Kansas City on the other hand in 3-5 on the road. I feel good betting against Trent Green to win them this game, and even though the Colts have a terrible run defense, eliminating the pass should help them focus on the run.

Dallas Cowboys
6-January-2007 5:00 PM PST
Team Points OVER 22 for Game -110
Kind of my way of betting Dallas and the over in the same bet, but with less risk. I see Dallas winning and this game going over. This way I don't really care what Seattle does while Romo and the boys put up some points against the Hawk's struggling secondary.

Good Luck this week.

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

NFL Week 17 Free Football Picks - Added Play

1-1 last night and very busy today.

Minnesota Vikings
31-December-2006 10:00 AM PST
Spread +1 for Game +104
The public is all over the Rams. Minny at home should get it done.

See yesterday's post for other bets...

Good Luck.