Thursday, January 04, 2007

NFL Playoffs Week 1 Free Football Picks

2 bets for now...

Indianapolis Colts
6-January-2007 1:30 PM PST
Spread -7 for Game -106
The Colts are the only team playing this week that have a winning record against winning teams, 4-1 (Say that 5 times fast). The Chiefs are 3-3. This game is in Indy, and the Colts haven't lost this year. Kansas City on the other hand in 3-5 on the road. I feel good betting against Trent Green to win them this game, and even though the Colts have a terrible run defense, eliminating the pass should help them focus on the run.

Dallas Cowboys
6-January-2007 5:00 PM PST
Team Points OVER 22 for Game -110
Kind of my way of betting Dallas and the over in the same bet, but with less risk. I see Dallas winning and this game going over. This way I don't really care what Seattle does while Romo and the boys put up some points against the Hawk's struggling secondary.

Good Luck this week.

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