Saturday, April 21, 2007

Update baseball record

Well, my blogging baseball bets have started in a little slump... not as bad as the Philly's (why does everyone pick them to compete in the East every year?). Anyway, as promised, my updated record before today's bets.

9-12-4, -1.3 units YTD

Not the greatest.

Adding one play today for a unit. Fading the Nats at a heavy price.

Florida Marlins -159
M Chico -L must Start A Sanchez -R must Start

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Saturday baseball betting

AC was canceled last minute. 2 bets going today.

Be back with an updated record later.

2 units:
Atlanta Braves
Money Line +126 for Game
C James -L must Start OL Perez -L must Start

1 unit:
Milwaukee Brewers
Money Line -140 for Game
W Rodriguez -L must Start C Capuano -L must Start

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baseball Betting - Minny starting right now...

Today's bet:
Minnesota Twins
Money Line -156 for Game
JO Santana -L must Start J Washburn -L must Start

Going to AC tomorrow straight from work. I'll be back Monday.

I'll leave you with a nice picture courtesy of

Good Luck this weekend :O)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chick streaker kicks a great goal

Imagine how shitty that goalie feels... great shot though.
This streaker runs on the field and with a bare foot kicks a very powerful kick which manages to beat the keeper. The keeper is furious and the crowd is hysterical.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easy Sunday Morning Baseball Bets

I had two more rain outs yesterday that I'm counting as pushes. They're no action bets, but I bet them, so I'm tracking them.

6-9-3, -1.6 units

All bets today to win 1 unit:
Florida Marlins +160
S Olsen -L must Start T Hudson -R must Start

Milwaukee Brewers -106
B Sheets -R must Start B Looper -R must Start

Los Angeles Dodgers +104
C Young -R must Start R Wolf -L must Start

Texas Rangers -105
B McCarthy -R must Start H Ramirez -L must Start

Detroit Tigers/Toronto Blue Jays UNDER 10 -120
N Robertson -L must Start J Towers -R must Start

Tampa Bay Devil Rays/Minnesota Twins UNDER 10 -105
J Seo -R must Start B Bonser -R must Start

Good Luck as always.

- The Online Sports Bettor