Monday, May 10, 2010

World Cup Bets - 2010 South Africa

Wow, I can't believe that I haven't written since the Super Bowl. Well, I'm glad to report that I won the side, the under and a few prop bets. It was a good game. Thank you Saints :)

Now it's time to bet on the FIFA World Cup! Every 4 years the best 32 teams in the World play to determine the who best soccer, football or futbol team on the planet is. It's the biggest sporting event in the World. Across the globe sports fans follow and bet on the games.

Four years ago, I bet on Germany to win their group and I cashed. Knowing next to nothing about soccer, I was happy taking the 1 win even though I predicted Italy to win the final (link). Since then I've been following the sport more, and I'll have more bets this time around.

FIFA World Cup 2010 - South Africa
Friday, June 11, 2010
France -105 over Uruguay
The was a lot of controversy about how France qualified for this World Cup. They'll have something to prove in their opening game. Their the superior team, and I wouldn't be surprised if they win this by a few goals.

Uruguay announced their roster today, and Cristian Rodriguez was not on it. He was suspended and would have missed the first 2 games in South Africa. It looks like Uruguay is just aiming to get out of the group stage, which would be a major accomplishment for this team.

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FIFA World Cup 2010 - South Africa
World Cup 2010 Group E Betting
Holland -162 to win the group

This bet has a lot of value. Holland is 4th ranked team in the World, and their in a group with Cameroon, Denmark and Japan. They should easily win this group, and they're worth a bet at these odds.

The World Cup starts June 11th.

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