Saturday, September 30, 2006

BIG week NFL 4: 2 more added bets

Adding two more, and I'm done for the week. A lot of plays this week...

Seattle Seahawks 10/1/2006 8:15:01 PM - (EST)
Spread +3½ -115 for Game

Houston Texans 10/1/2006 1:00:01 PM - (EST)
Spread +3 +105 for Game

Also on:
Detriot +5
Green Bay +11 (now the play of the week)
NY Jets +9
Cleveland -3
Vikings +1

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 4 NFL Bets: Added Play again...

Detroit Lions 1-October-2006 1:05 PM PST
Spread +5 for Game -104
The public is on this game hard. 73% of all bets are coming in on St. Louis, yet the line has moved toward Detroit. Any thoughts on this game? Not necessary. Talk about "Mike Martz Bowl"? Not necessary. Talk about the Loins 0-3 record vs. the Rams improved passing and running game? Not necessary. All you need to know about this game is that the books and the heavy money are on Detroit, meanwhile the “average joe” is in love with the Rams. Even if the Rams win, a bet on the Loins is the right play here.

Add it to the plays.

Still watching the NO game.

Good Luck this week.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two lines I'm watching and 2 more NFL week 4 bets

The Saints +7.5... If it drops below 7, I'm betting Carolina
The Ravens +2.5... If it goes to 3 or more, I'm betting it.

Green Bay Packers 2-October-2006 5:30 PM PST
Spread +11 for Game -103
Monday Night Football. Really? MNF is always big. I expect a lot from both teams here, but 11 points is A LOT. Even if Philly gets a big lead, this can easily be a back door cover.

New York Jets 1-October-2006 10:00 AM PST
Spread +9 for Game -107
Ditto for this game. I expect the Colts to win, but I'll be at the game rooting for the Jets. J-E-T-S... Anyway, a home dog getting 9, I'll take the home dog.

Other bets already posted:
Cleveland Browns -3 +112
Minnesota Vikings +1 -110 (rethinking the Minny game. I might buy off this one.)

Good Luck this week.
I'll be back with the Pick of the Week on Friday or Saturday.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Updated Record on 2006 NFL bets

Updated Record on 2006 NFL bets: 8-7, +0.81 units

Week 3 recap (4-2) :
New Orleans Saints +3.5 - WIN
New Orleans Saints Money Line - WIN
Chicago Bears -3.5 - Lose (by a 1/2 point)
Giants 2nd half -5 - WIN
Buffalo 1st half -3.5 - Lose
Cincinnati Bengals Money Line - WIN

Week 4 NFL Bets: Added Play

Cleveland Browns 1-October-2006 1:15 PM PST
Spread -3 for Game +112

I like this spread! The Browns aren't a great team, but Oakland has shown nothing this year. Of course, I'm again betting a road favorite (and not a very good one at that), but I see Cleveland rolling here. (I'm also picking up and playing the Brown's defense in every fantasy football league I can.)

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Early Week 4 NFL Football Bets

Minnesota Vikings
10/1/2006 1:00:01 PM - (EST)
Spread +1 -110 for Game
I'm really getting points on Minny over the Bills?

2nd half bet

2nd half - Giants -5 +105... add it to the plays.