Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two lines I'm watching and 2 more NFL week 4 bets

The Saints +7.5... If it drops below 7, I'm betting Carolina
The Ravens +2.5... If it goes to 3 or more, I'm betting it.

Green Bay Packers 2-October-2006 5:30 PM PST
Spread +11 for Game -103
Monday Night Football. Really? MNF is always big. I expect a lot from both teams here, but 11 points is A LOT. Even if Philly gets a big lead, this can easily be a back door cover.

New York Jets 1-October-2006 10:00 AM PST
Spread +9 for Game -107
Ditto for this game. I expect the Colts to win, but I'll be at the game rooting for the Jets. J-E-T-S... Anyway, a home dog getting 9, I'll take the home dog.

Other bets already posted:
Cleveland Browns -3 +112
Minnesota Vikings +1 -110 (rethinking the Minny game. I might buy off this one.)

Good Luck this week.
I'll be back with the Pick of the Week on Friday or Saturday.

- The Online Sports Bettor