Saturday, April 05, 2008

Baseball Betting and March Madness

Watching the Yankees game, and they are getting smoked 5-1 by the Devil Rays in the 6th thanks to Andy Pettitte. It looks like they are going to start the season out 2-3. If I was even thinking about betting bases yet, I would have bet against the Yanks this game. Pettitte had problems in Spring Training, and I'm really not excepting a lot from him this year. That and the Rays were getting +195 (almost 2-1) today... I need to start checking the baseball lines daily now...

Following March Madness? Who isn't? The Final Four teams meet up tonight. Memphis is 2 point favorites over UCLA with an over/under of 134. UNC is 4 point favorites over Kansas with an over/under of 159. All odds are from BoDog (link on right).

At first look, I'm surprised that Memphis is a favorite. Don't get me wrong, I have them winning the whole thing in most of my brackets, but I've heard a lot of chatter this week about a North Carolina vs UCLA final. I've heard so much that I thought the country would be leaning toward UCLA. With Memphis still favored, it seems like the betting community still likes Memphis, and I'm glad. If I was to bet any games tonight, it would be on Memphis... That said, I have too much going on to even watch the game, so I probably won't bet it... I wish these games were earlier.

Top of the 7th and the Yanks are still down, and I'm out.

Good Luck

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

More March Madness talk...

So Davidson just lost, and for the first time in history, all number 1 seeds have made it through to the final four.

The lines for next weekend's games aren't up yet @ BoDog (link on the right), but it looks like Memphis is going to open as a 1 point favorite over UCLA. I imagine that UNC will be favored over Kansas, but I expect that to be a close line as well.

It's been a fun tournament. I think that I'm almost done in all my brackets, since I didn't have all #1's in the final four. I would have liked to see Louisville or Xavier and of course Davidson there, but the best teams were able to fight their way through, and it should make for a couple of exciting games to finish the tournament.

So that's about it for now. Good luck.

The Online Sports Bettor

PS. Check out the Insomniac's Lounge for this pic and other great UCLA cheer pics.

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