Sunday, March 30, 2008

More March Madness talk...

So Davidson just lost, and for the first time in history, all number 1 seeds have made it through to the final four.

The lines for next weekend's games aren't up yet @ BoDog (link on the right), but it looks like Memphis is going to open as a 1 point favorite over UCLA. I imagine that UNC will be favored over Kansas, but I expect that to be a close line as well.

It's been a fun tournament. I think that I'm almost done in all my brackets, since I didn't have all #1's in the final four. I would have liked to see Louisville or Xavier and of course Davidson there, but the best teams were able to fight their way through, and it should make for a couple of exciting games to finish the tournament.

So that's about it for now. Good luck.

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PS. Check out the Insomniac's Lounge for this pic and other great UCLA cheer pics.

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