Monday, May 26, 2008

Boston Red Sox at Seattle Mariners Baseball Bet

Seattle Mariners
Felix Hernandez (R) Even Odds (bet at BoDog)

BoDog is offering live betting on this big Memorial Day night game. Live betting means that you can bet on the game after every inning, run and even pitch. I probably won't be betting live since I probably won't see much of the game, but I'm still taking the Mariners to win.

The Sox have lost 7 straight on the road and tonight they're facing King Felix in Seattle. Boston's pitcher Bartolo Colon has a nice record at Seattle, and but I'm looking for the Mariners to come alive tonight against the defending World Champs.

This is Seattle's first game at home after a devastating road trip that has put them on a 6 game losing streak. It's not a pretty play, but anytime that I can bet King Felix at home with even odds, I'm going to take it.

2-2, -0.04 units YTD

Good Luck tonight.

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