Saturday, April 26, 2008

Betting on the NFL Draft & Baseball

Who will the New York Jets take with the #6 pick in the NFL Draft?
Darren McFadden 5/2 (at BoDog)

Darren McFadden says he loves New York and thinks the Jets will take him with the sixth-overall pick. "I feel like if I'm still up there when they're picking, they're probably going to try to take me. Just being around them, getting that vibe from them. Talking to them, I get that vibe." With McFadden being so vocal, I'm not sure any other team will take him before the Jets. Also those teams have bigger needs to address. I think McFadden will be a Jet.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Brad Penny (R) -175 (also at BoDog)

I blame the long rain delay for the Yanks lost the other day. Tonight I'm looking to get some money back on a big favorite. How can you not like Penny at home on a Saturday Night? He's facing the Colorado Rockies and pitcher Mark Redman (L) who has a lifetime ERA of 7.20 vs the Dodgers.

Good Luck.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Betting the Yankees tonight

New York Yankees -104
Phil Hughes (R)

Can you believe that I'm getting the Yanks at even odds tonight (bet at BoDog)? It's because future star Hughes is pitching tonight, and he has sucked so far this year ( 0-3 and 8.82 ERA). But their is a reason that the Yankees wouldn't trade him, even for Johan Santana. This kid is going to be a star, and just needs a little time to get it going.

The White Sox are starting fantasy baseball fraud Gavin Floyd (2-0 and 1.40 ERA). I would expect Floyd to come back to Earth tonight... If you have him on your fantasy team, SELL NOW! He has a terrible history against the Yankees and just has a bad record in general.

As you can tell, I'm expecting Phil Hughes to have his first win tonight...

Good Luck.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

2009 Baseball Betting

I still haven't started betting baseball yet, and I'm sure that I've missed some great opportunities.

I'm not playing fantasy baseball this year for the first time in years, and when you don't have to follow almost every team daily, it's really easy to get out of touch with the season. Sure I know the Yanks inside and out, but almost nothing about other teams since last year.

Quick thoughts on this season:
I think that the Tigers will go on a few nice winning streaks this year and make the playoffs.
The Nationals will sucks as always. Betting against them often could be costly (because of the odds), but there should be some good spots to fade this team.
The Yanks are not a sub-500 team. They will start winning regularly soon.

My lunch just got here, so I'm done writing for now... I'll probably start watching the baseball odds tonight, and make an effort to try to get back in the game and win some money soon.

Good Luck.

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