Thursday, September 08, 2011

NFL Football Bets - Opening Night!

I'm looking forward to a good game tonight. I have no action on it. It's the first game of the season, and while I love to bet on the NFL, I won't bet any game just because it's on TV (Unlike some of my friends. It seems like the over is a popular bet tonight.)

Anyway, it should be an interesting start to the season. With a short off-season, it's going to take some teams time to adjust. I'm looking at the teams with QB changes, like Minnesota, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Jacksonville, Seattle, Cincinnati and Indy (for this week at least). I think those are all of them, off the top of my head...

It takes time for QBs and WRs to get their timing down. Sometimes it takes several seasons, so I doubt that all these teams are ready for this week! It's something to factor in when handicapping a game, and it's also an important factor when betting the over/under.

Most people like to bet overs. It's more fun. You can root for a good game, and it's exciting every time someone scores. Because of this, one can usually find some value in a couple unders every week, and week 1 is no exception.

Not all the games are on the board yet. I usually wait to place my bets closer to game time, so I'm not posting any picks tonight. But check back later in the week, and I'll have some plays up for Sunday.

Good Luck!
The Online Sports Bettor