Thursday, December 29, 2005

NFL Week 17 Football Bets - Added Play

Another play for Sunday...

Buffalo Bills -1 -106
Easy pick. The Jets are just a bad team where the Bills have alot of talent (did I really just say that?) IF they decide to show up. Well, they came out blazing last week, and I see no reason for it to end here. Losman is back, meaning Lee Evans should have a big day. Losman is also auditioning for the starting job next year, so he'll be focus and ready to play. Willis McGahee was a little banged up a few weeks ago, but he looked fine last week. This one is worth a bet.

Other Week 17 NFL Bets:
San Francisco 49ers +2 -107
New England Patriots -6 +102
Green Bay Packers -3½ -107 NFL Free Pick
(see older posts for write-ups)

Record on all posted bets: 25-12-1, +12.25 units (since blog's inception)

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor

The Blog Phenomenon - Why are blogs so popular?

Your own personal blog makes anyone feel important... I had been a blog hater for years. Now I broke down and made one, and I'm obsessed with it... It's all about the ego.

My admin at work even has one... why? who knows?

What I find so wierd about the blog phenomenon is the massive about of pages that get added to the internet daily. One day, the internet will consist of billions of worthless pages that are 10-20 years old (about some poker hand played at Party Poker in 1999 or pictures of someone's dog that has been dead for 15 years).

I searched in google the other day for free NFL picks (can't remember the exact terms) and came across a site in the top ten hits that was offering free picks for week 15 in 2003... worthless. Imagine 10 years from now...

- The Online Sports Bettor

The Million Dollar Homepage

A handout image shows the Million Dollar Homepage website of Alex Tew December 29, 2005. Tew had the brainstorm for his million dollar home page called, logically enough, The idea: turn his home page into a billboard made up of a million dots, and sell them for a dollar a dot to anyone who wants to put up their logo.
Smart Kid...

Nebraska wins Alamo Bowl, and I win my bet

Was anyone watching the last play of the Alamo Bowl? It was unreal. If you missed it, you can find a clip of it on ESPN. Basically, Michigan could have won with a TD, so they pulled the old hook and ladder lateral play and moved the ball 62 yards down field before getting push out of bounds on the 13 yard line. Meanwhile, the Nebraska team cleared the bench and stormed the field, thinking the game was over. Well, it wasn’t and there should have been a flag thrown on Nebraska to give Michigan one last play with no time left on about the 6 yard line. Anyway, that didn’t happen and the game was over…

More importantly, I won my first Bowl Bet of the season taking Nebraska +11!

Now 1-0 on posted college plays and 24-12-1 on posted NFL plays.

I already have 3 NFL bets posted for this weekend. You can check them out in Tuesday’s Post.

I also decided this morning that Green Bay is going to be my NFL Free Pick this week.

Keep on winning.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tonight's Alamo Bowl Bet

First Bowl Bet of the Year! Also first college football post on this Blog!

Nebraska +11 -113
Everyone Bets Michigan. In fact over 70% of the public is on Michigan tonight... yet the line keeps dropping... That my friends means that the real sharp money in on Nebraska. Yes, that alone is enough for a bet.

Good Luck tonight.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

NFL Week 17 Football Bets - Early Plays

Three games so far.

San Francisco 49ers +2 -107
With the number 1 pick, Houston takes Reggie Bush... What about Dom Davis? The Texans will still take Bush and trade Davis. They want Bush. Everyone wants Bush. Lesbians always want Bush.

But do the players care? or the coach? Players play for their jobs, the coach is gone next year anyway... But I think the owners would care (and care a lot).

Fading Houston here should be a good play, cause if they win, they could lose Bush. Also, San Fran would like to win two in a row.

New England Patriots -6 +102
It's cold in Boston. The Pats can get a 3rd seed. Miami, division rivals, have been scoring points (I'm looking at the over here), but should be no match for the Pats at home. Give me New England with less than a touchdown, and I'll bet it.

Green Bay Packers -3½ -107
This could be Farve's last game, and he will be on top of his game at home against the second string Seahawks. Look for Favre to have a big day.

Dallas could be a good play depending on what Washington does earlier in the day... look for an 8pm bet on Dallas if Washington loses.

Record for the NFL 2005 season: 24-12-1, +11.43 units (all posted bets)

Good Luck All. I'll be adding plays through out the week.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Sizing up Week 17's playoff implications

Different playoff scenarios is essential information for handicapping the NFL in Week 17, and I neatly cut and pasted it below for you. I’m such a great guy :O)

From USA Today:

The NFL playoff picture became a lot clearer over the weekend.

All that remains now is to see whether Pittsburgh, Washington, Carolina and Tampa Bay can close the deal.

All four teams can lock up their postseason berths by winning their final regular-season games this week. It's must-win time for Dallas and Kansas City, too, but without a stumble by one of the teams in front of them, they'll simply be playing for the chance to make their record look nicer in the final standings.

Also on the line this week — the NFC South and East Division titles, not to mention the final seedings and playoff matchups.

Let's take a look at how the race in each division stacks up.

AFC East

The New England Patriots (9-5) are in an interesting spot. With a win over the New York Jets Monday night and a win at home against Miami on Sunday, they have a chance to jump into the No. 3 seed if Cincinnati (11-4) loses at Kansas City.

However, that would mean the Patriots likely would have to face a suddenly hot Pittsburgh team in the first round. If New England remains the fourth seed, the Patriots would get a Jacksonville team that has struggled against lowly San Francisco and Houston the past two weeks.

AFC North

Last week's loss to Buffalo didn't damage the Cincinnati Bengals' playoff hopes, but it kept them from having any shot at the No. 2 seed and first-round bye. And to think what Chad Johnson would have come up with had he been given two weeks to choreograph a touchdown dance.

Pittsburgh (10-5), meanwhile, would need a major collapse at home against Detroit (5-10) to miss out on claiming the final AFC playoff spot.

AFC South

It's not the two consecutive losses the Indianapolis Colts (13-2) have to worry about. Following the death of coach Tony Dungy's son, James, can the Colts get back their focus? As the No. 1 seed, they'll have an extra week to work on it.

Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich has started running and could play as early as this weekend against Tennessee. Even if he doesn't, it appears Jacksonville (11-4)
could have its starter back in time for the playoffs.

AFC West

Mike Shanahan deserves a few Coach of the Year votes for turning Jake Plummer into a quarterback who understands how to take care of the ball. Denver (12-3) will be tough to beat at home in the Divisional round.

While the Chiefs (9-6) shouldn't hold out much hope of making the playoffs even if they beat Cincinnati, they should be highly motivated to finish strong. A number of
reports have said if Kansas City doesn't make it, coach Dick Vermeil will retire.

NFC East

When Baltimore beat the Minnesota Vikings last week, it clinched a playoff spot for the New York Giants (10-5). However, the Giants need to beat the Oakland Raiders to claim the division title — and the No. 4 seed's guaranteed home game. If it's one thing New York has struggled with this season, it's playing on the road.

Washington (9-6) has won four in a row and will get in with a victory against Philadelphia. The Redskins even could win the division if the Giants lose. However, an Eagles win could knock the Redskins out all together.

Dallas (9-6) will know what it's playing for when it takes the field Sunday night against St. Louis. There are reports Cowboys coach Bill Parcells could be considering retirement as well.

NFC North

Chicago (11-4) has locked up the No. 2 seed and a first-round bye. What should scare the rest of the NFL, though, is that with Rex Grossman at quarterback, the Bears
seem to be developing an offense good enough to match with the league's scariest defense for a long playoff run.

NFC South

All that stands between Tampa Bay (10-5) and the division title are the New Orleans Saints. A win at Raymond James Stadium not only would represent a remarkable turnaround for a Buccaneers team that was 5-11 last season, it also would give Tampa Bay the No. 3 seed in the playoffs and a likely date with Washington.

However, a loss could put the Buccaneers all the way out of the playoffs if they end up in a three-way tie with Washington and Dallas because of strength of victory. Tampa would win a head-to-head tie with the Redskins because of an earlier win but would lose out in a straight-up tie with Dallas, again because of strength of victory.

Carolina (10-5) has the toughest task of all the potential playoff teams. The Panthers play an Atlanta team that has given them trouble in the past and can't be happy about missing out on the postseason itself. If the Falcons win, Carolina would be out if it's in a two-way tie with Dallas because it lost to the Cowboys last week.

NFC West

Seattle (13-2) has clinched home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs and will go in as the odds-on favorite to reach the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Maybe then, management will decide to give running back Shawn Alexander a long-term contract.

Another Monday night winner!

Another Monday night winner! That's 3-0 on Mondays (the last three Mondays) since I started this blog... Also, this make another win for this weekend's football bets, bringing this week's action to 6-1-1 for +5.80 units. How sweet it is :-)

Final Recap of Week 16 Football Bets:
New England Patriots -7½ -110 - WIN
Tennessee Titans +6 -110 - Lose
Baltimore Ravens -3 +102 - WIN
Chicago Bears -7 +101 - Push
Washington Redskins -3 -117 - WIN
Jacksonville -6 -105 Play of the Week - WIN
San Francisco 49ers +10 -115 - WIN
San Francisco 49ers Money Line +438 (½ unit bet) - WIN

I'll be back with my early football bets for week 17 either tonight or tomorrow.

Record the NFL 2005 season: 24-12-1, +11.43 units (all posted bets)

All units are adjusted monthly to a percentage of my bankroll and are bet as "risk plays". Example, I risk one unit to win ...

As always, Good Luck!

- The Online Sports Bettor

Monday, December 26, 2005

NFL Week 16 Football Bets - Monday Night Football

Finally another great week (really the first one since I started posting in week 11). After yesterday's games, I ended up 5-1-1 for +4.89 units for the weekend!

That puts this year's record on this sports betting blog at 23-12-1 and +10.52 units for all posted bets. Not bad for only 6 weeks of the season... In fact this season, I am already up over 30 units (including college), and we haven't gotten to the playoffs yet!

Quick Recap of Week 16 Football Bets:
Tennessee Titans +6 -110 - Lose
Baltimore Ravens -3 +102 - WIN
Chicago Bears -7 +101 - Push
Washington Redskins -3 -117 - WIN
Jacksonville -6 -105 NFL Play of the Week - WIN
San Francisco 49ers +10 -115 - WIN
San Francisco 49ers Money Line +438 (½ unit bet) - WIN

Monday Night Football Bet:
New England Patriots -7½ -110
Since Cinny lost this weekend, this game now means something to the Pats. They said that they weren't resting before, but with a better playoff seed on the line, now I believe it! The Jets are just bad... take New England minus the points.

A word on this game: I looked around at all the sportsbooks I use, and I saw the spread on this game posted from minus 9.5 to 7.5 (of course it was -5 earlier this week, but shit happens). Anyway, guess which line I used... Do I like this game as much at -9.5? not really... so anyway, use multiple sportsbooks and always look around for the best line.

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Xmas post - Stupid Browns Fan

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison slams a fan to the turf after he ran onto the field during the fourth quarter of the Steelers' 41-0 NFL win over the Cleveland Browns Saturday, Dec. 24, 2005, in Cleveland.

I just had to post this... hilarious
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