Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nebraska wins Alamo Bowl, and I win my bet

Was anyone watching the last play of the Alamo Bowl? It was unreal. If you missed it, you can find a clip of it on ESPN. Basically, Michigan could have won with a TD, so they pulled the old hook and ladder lateral play and moved the ball 62 yards down field before getting push out of bounds on the 13 yard line. Meanwhile, the Nebraska team cleared the bench and stormed the field, thinking the game was over. Well, it wasn’t and there should have been a flag thrown on Nebraska to give Michigan one last play with no time left on about the 6 yard line. Anyway, that didn’t happen and the game was over…

More importantly, I won my first Bowl Bet of the season taking Nebraska +11!

Now 1-0 on posted college plays and 24-12-1 on posted NFL plays.

I already have 3 NFL bets posted for this weekend. You can check them out in Tuesday’s Post.

I also decided this morning that Green Bay is going to be my NFL Free Pick this week.

Keep on winning.

- The Online Sports Bettor