Friday, November 14, 2008

Sports Betting - NFL Week 11 Football Bets

2 quick bets for Sunday. Both team are big dogs. KC is at home.

Kansas City Chiefs +6 (-115) over New Orleans Saints
Detroit Lions +14 (-110) over Carolina Panthers

I'll be back with more before game time Sunday.

Good Luck

The Online Sports Bettor

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updated NFL Football Betting Record

5-1 last Sunday and 24-16 for the NFL season. Now that's a winning record! Add in the 2 season long bets (listed below), and I'll be up about 8 units so far this year... not too bad.

My season long bets (posted here):
Will the New York Giants make the playoffs During the 2008 NFL Season? Yes –115
2008 Regular Season Wins - New England Patriots – UNDER 12.5 –105

Just wanted to go through all my NFL plays this season to date to get a gage as to how I've been doing... This record is good and it would be even better if you drop the first 4 weeks of the season which are always hard to handicap. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I'm hoping to finish the season strong.

Good Luck

The Online Sports Bettor

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday NFL Sports Betting - Added Bets

I'm going with a lot of road teams this week...

Added plays:
Jacksonville Jaguars -7 (+105) over Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts +4 (-115) over Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens Pick (-110) over Houston Texans
Buffalo Bills +4 (-115) over New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints/Atlanta Falcons OVER 50 (-110)

I'm already on:
Atlanta Falcons -1 (-110) over New Orleans Saints

Good Luck

The Online Sports Bettor