Saturday, August 18, 2007

NFL Preseason Betting...

Betting preseason NFL games is for 1 type of sports bettor. The action junkie.

These scrimmages mean nothing to either team. Both team spend the entire game testing out different plays and giving backups tons of playing time. For any gambler to really think that he has an edge in this crazy.

No ones knows what kind of match ups will be created in the 4th quarter when a 2nd sting WR going against a #3 corner back and #2 safety with a #4 QB throwing to him. Yet with spreads of 3 and low totals, one of these plays can easily win or lose this bet for you.

It's easy to see why sportsbooks love taking action on this games. The outcomes really are a 50/50, and the degenerate gambler is probably the only one betting them. The popularity of these games has also taken off in the recent years with more of them being televised now.

If you were thinking of laying down some cash on the NFL preseason, my advice would be not to get carried away. The real season is months long, and offers much better betting opportunities... But if you must, good luck to you.

Politics - I bet months ago that Hillary Clinton would not get the Democratic Nomination. I placed this bet before Pinny closed their doors to US customers, before the Neteller guys were arrested and before Clinton raised millions. Anyway, I think I still have a shot at a win, but I would have gotten much better odds today. This is also the last bet I'm holding at Pinny (offshore sportsbook) before I clear out that account for good.

My main man Ron Paul, the presidential candidate who thinks online gambling should be legal, is a 25-1 shot at BoDog (much better odds than at some of the other online books). Okay, Paul doesn't necessarily support gambling but in his words, "believes strongly that the internet should not be regulated by the federal government and believes even more strongly that people should be free to engage in the activities they wish, as long as they are willing to take responsibility for their actions.” What a great guy. And he voted against the war in Iraq.

Okay, enough rambling for tonight. Time to get of the coach, into the shower and out to the bar.

Good Luck Gamblers,
The Online Sports Bettor

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