Saturday, October 20, 2007

NFL Sports Betting - Week 7 Football Bets

Added plays:
Seattle Seahawks -7½ -110
Dallas Cowboys -9 -105
I got good lines on both these games. Too big favorites playing at home coming off loses. Both lines have value.

Atlanta Falcons/New Orleans Saints UNDER 42½
Atlanta should continue to struggle on offense. I don't believe that the Saints are back. Take out last week's win, and they haven't scored more than 2 TDs in a game this year.

2 bets made Monday night:
Kansas City Chiefs +3 -115
Buffalo Bills +3 -110
It looks like I was right on both of these as the lines have moved with me. I expected the Chiefs to be favored here and Baltimore is hurting.

This should be my final card for week 7.

Good Luck.

The Online Sports Bettor

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College Football Betting - Florida at Kentucky, California at UCLA

Kentucky +7 -110 to win 2 units.
UK had a big win last week over LSU, is playing at home, is ranked above Florida, and is still getting a TD! So no one is giving Kentucky respect here, and it's a good opportunity for a big bet on an up and coming program.

UCLA +3 -115 to win 1 unit.
Both teams coming off a loss, but UCLA's lost Norte Dame is particulary embarising (and is reflected in the line). This team will be ready at home vs #10 Cali.

2 home dogs...

Good Luck.

The Online Sports Bettor

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Monday, October 15, 2007

NFL Sports Betting - Week 6 and Week 7 Football Bets - Monday Night Football

New York Giants -3½ -105
81% of all bets are on the Giants!
I've been on this bet all week, and the more I look at it, the less I like it. The Giants are the better team here, but everyone is betting them this game. It's like the Packers game last week. They were the better team, but lost and everyone was on them... That said, the public does win sometimes, so I'm letting it roll...

2 Bets for week 7 (write ups coming later):
Kansas City Chiefs +3 -115
Buffalo Bills +3 -110

NFL sides: 9-9-1, +0.05 units
NFL totals: 6-5-1, +1.65 units
College: 5-4, +1.65 units
3-0 on all bets for 2 units

Good Luck!

The Online Sports Bettor

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

NFL Sports Betting - Week 6 Football Bets - Final Card

3-0 yesterday on college ball, winning 4 units :O)

Carolina Panthers/Arizona Cardinals OVER 39½ -110
Value on the over. Beautiful weather in Glendale.

Dallas Cowboys +5 -110
A lot of money coming in on the Boys today. Missed the +6 from earlier in the week.

Already on:
New York Giants -3½ -105
San Diego Chargers -9 -110
Tennessee Titans/Tampa Bay Buccaneers UNDER 37½ -110
Minnesota Vikings +5½ -110

Good Luck.

The Online Sports Bettor

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