Saturday, July 08, 2006

Running with the bulls

Italy / France World Cup Final Has Bettors Scratching their Heads

And me too. Got a winner last night (baseball), but I just can't bet on tomorrow's World Cup final... I'm rooting for Italy, but there is no way that I can put action on either side. If you do, good luck!

See the BoDog article below:

After one month of scintillating soccer action, millions of soccer fans around the world will be tuning in to Sunday's FIFA World Cup final to see which team will be crowned champion. Online gaming giant has posted the odds.

France will take on Italy in what promises to be a fantastic affair. Les Bleus last hoisted the World Cup Trophy in 1998; the Azzurri last captured the honors in 1982. Ironically, the two nations recently competed for hardware on the continental stage, as France knocked off Italy 2-1 in an extra-time thriller at the 2000 European Championships. Sunday's World Cup final promises to be an equally engaging match.

"This year's World Cup action has exceeded our wildest expectations," says Calvin Ayre, Founder and CEO of "We saw some heavy betting on the quarterfinals, semifinals, and we expect this trend to continue as we roll into this weekend's finals. With the style, passion and sportsmanship demonstrated throughout all of these games, it is easy to see why this tournament is one of the most exciting sports spectacles in the world."

A France-Italy finale was a far-fetched notion at the commencement of the World Cup. Right before the tournament kicked off on June 9th, bookmakers had listed the French and Italians to wín the World Cup at 13/1 odds and 15/2 odds, respectively.

Both teams have, however, earned their place in the final. The Italians have been remarkably consistent throughout the tournament and France rallied after a mediocre start. Special attention will be paid to French captain Zinedine Zidane, who is set to retire from football at the end of the tournament.

With a massive North American fan base watching live, has posted its odds for the final match between France and Italy:

France +200
Italy +150
Draw +180

For bettors looking to wager on Saturday's game with Portugal taking on the home team Germany, has posted the odds. FIFA World Cup, Germany 2006 - Third Place:

Portugal +380
Germany -143
Draw +245

Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Night Baseball Bet - MLB

Okay, I said no bets until after the all-star break, but I couldn't pass up on this one. D-Train vs the Amazing Mets. I'm picking the Fish.

MLB Baseball
Florida Marlins 7-July-2006 4:10 PM PST
Money Line for Game -129
D. Willis must start J. Lima must start

As always, Good Luck!

- The Online Sports Bettor

Thursday, July 06, 2006

World Cup Bet and results

Okay, so I bet Germany to win their World Cup group. (I tried finding the post for about 10 seconds and gave up, just believe me). Anyway, that was my only World Cup bet, and it cashed, so I'm happy. I have no action in the final. I think Italy will win even though everyone I know is on France. That would usually make me play it, but I really know nothing about handicapping soccer, and it's suppose to be close, so I'm laying off.

Anyway, World Cup bets were 1-0... and I'm happy keeping that record for another four years :O)

I'll be back betting baseball after the all star break.

- The Online Sports Bettor

Whew. That was a close one.

So I was outta town on business for about 3 weeks and decided to take the time off from blogging. Well, I come home and my blog is no longer here! I guess blogger decided to delete the Sports Bettor when I was away... Anyway, after about 50 emails, blogger responded and re instated this blog :O)

Thanks Blogger. I'll be watching you from now on...