Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Blog Phenomenon - Why are blogs so popular?

Your own personal blog makes anyone feel important... I had been a blog hater for years. Now I broke down and made one, and I'm obsessed with it... It's all about the ego.

My admin at work even has one... why? who knows?

What I find so wierd about the blog phenomenon is the massive about of pages that get added to the internet daily. One day, the internet will consist of billions of worthless pages that are 10-20 years old (about some poker hand played at Party Poker in 1999 or pictures of someone's dog that has been dead for 15 years).

I searched in google the other day for free NFL picks (can't remember the exact terms) and came across a site in the top ten hits that was offering free picks for week 15 in 2003... worthless. Imagine 10 years from now...

- The Online Sports Bettor