Monday, December 26, 2005

NFL Week 16 Football Bets - Monday Night Football

Finally another great week (really the first one since I started posting in week 11). After yesterday's games, I ended up 5-1-1 for +4.89 units for the weekend!

That puts this year's record on this sports betting blog at 23-12-1 and +10.52 units for all posted bets. Not bad for only 6 weeks of the season... In fact this season, I am already up over 30 units (including college), and we haven't gotten to the playoffs yet!

Quick Recap of Week 16 Football Bets:
Tennessee Titans +6 -110 - Lose
Baltimore Ravens -3 +102 - WIN
Chicago Bears -7 +101 - Push
Washington Redskins -3 -117 - WIN
Jacksonville -6 -105 NFL Play of the Week - WIN
San Francisco 49ers +10 -115 - WIN
San Francisco 49ers Money Line +438 (½ unit bet) - WIN

Monday Night Football Bet:
New England Patriots -7½ -110
Since Cinny lost this weekend, this game now means something to the Pats. They said that they weren't resting before, but with a better playoff seed on the line, now I believe it! The Jets are just bad... take New England minus the points.

A word on this game: I looked around at all the sportsbooks I use, and I saw the spread on this game posted from minus 9.5 to 7.5 (of course it was -5 earlier this week, but shit happens). Anyway, guess which line I used... Do I like this game as much at -9.5? not really... so anyway, use multiple sportsbooks and always look around for the best line.

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor