Saturday, April 05, 2008

Baseball Betting and March Madness

Watching the Yankees game, and they are getting smoked 5-1 by the Devil Rays in the 6th thanks to Andy Pettitte. It looks like they are going to start the season out 2-3. If I was even thinking about betting bases yet, I would have bet against the Yanks this game. Pettitte had problems in Spring Training, and I'm really not excepting a lot from him this year. That and the Rays were getting +195 (almost 2-1) today... I need to start checking the baseball lines daily now...

Following March Madness? Who isn't? The Final Four teams meet up tonight. Memphis is 2 point favorites over UCLA with an over/under of 134. UNC is 4 point favorites over Kansas with an over/under of 159. All odds are from BoDog (link on right).

At first look, I'm surprised that Memphis is a favorite. Don't get me wrong, I have them winning the whole thing in most of my brackets, but I've heard a lot of chatter this week about a North Carolina vs UCLA final. I've heard so much that I thought the country would be leaning toward UCLA. With Memphis still favored, it seems like the betting community still likes Memphis, and I'm glad. If I was to bet any games tonight, it would be on Memphis... That said, I have too much going on to even watch the game, so I probably won't bet it... I wish these games were earlier.

Top of the 7th and the Yanks are still down, and I'm out.

Good Luck

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