Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 4 NFL Bets: Added Play again...

Detroit Lions 1-October-2006 1:05 PM PST
Spread +5 for Game -104
The public is on this game hard. 73% of all bets are coming in on St. Louis, yet the line has moved toward Detroit. Any thoughts on this game? Not necessary. Talk about "Mike Martz Bowl"? Not necessary. Talk about the Loins 0-3 record vs. the Rams improved passing and running game? Not necessary. All you need to know about this game is that the books and the heavy money are on Detroit, meanwhile the “average joe” is in love with the Rams. Even if the Rams win, a bet on the Loins is the right play here.

Add it to the plays.

Still watching the NO game.

Good Luck this week.

- The Online Sports Bettor