Friday, December 09, 2005

NFL Week 14 Betting - More Added Plays

Well, I no longer like the Oakland game with Collins on the bench. So what did I do, I bet the other side @ -105.

So for this game I have:
Oakland Raiders -3 +114
New York Jets +3 -105

Well, it now looks like a tiny bet for me here with me winning about 0.14 units if Oakland covers, and losing about 0.05 units if they miss… well it’s action in the right direction, bet 1 to win 3, just for a small amount…

I’m also adding the following:
New England Patriots -3.5 -109

Yes, I’m betting the Pats even though I’m probably starting Lee Evans on my Fantasy team… to me fantasy football and sports betting are mostly unrelated… Meaning the Bills could lose and Evans could still have a HUGE week. It happens all the time.