Thursday, July 03, 2008

Brett Farve and Baseball Betting

Thanks you MDS at The Fanhouse for turning me onto this bet (at BoDog).

What will Brett Favre do for the 2008 NFL Season?
Wagers will be settled at the end of the 2008 NFL regular season or when Brett Favre is dressed for an NFL football game whichever comes first.
- Stay Retired 10/13
- Rejoins Packers before start of season 21/20
- Rejoins Packers after the start of the season 4/1
- Plays for another NFL team from Game 1 6/1
- Plays for another NFL team after start of season 14/1

Gotta go with - Stay Retired 10/13

F the Tribe... I'm not having a good year with baseball, but I have one going tonight. You might want to bet against it...

Florida Marlins +113 (bet at BoDog)
Andrew Miller (L)

Good Luck.

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