Friday, December 16, 2005

Two for the Money

I’m staying at a hotel, so I decided to purchase this movie. And I have to say that from a sports bettor’s perspective Two for the Money is complete garbage. If you haven’t seen it, don’t bother. Besides, I’m going to tell you what happened here anyway.

Okay, so Matthew McConaughey’s character is picking football picks in Vegas. His whole method of handicapping is “knowing the teams”. Anyway, he goes on a tear and ends up being recruited by Al Pacino, who is a HUGE sports betting tout in NYC. McConaughey moves out to New York and continues his winning streak until luck catches up with him and his BS handicapping methods… He loses and loses hard. Anyway with everything on the line, McConaughey flips a coin to pick the winner and the over/under on the Super Bowl, and he wins!

Such Bullshit! I wish I could “bet it all” on a coin flip on the biggest Sunday of the year and win!

Also, the degenerate gambler undertones in this movie are disgusting… If everyone is a degenerate gambler, make it a sad ending… Yet they win in the end, giving the illusion that compulsive gamblers sometimes walk away winners… Well, maybe 1 in 1,000, but not in this case… flash forward a year after this movie ends, and it’ll be nothing but tragedy.

Being a true sports bettor for years, this movie was an enormous let down. I guess I wanted to see true winners, but that would take grinding it out and that’s probably not too glamorous for Hollywood. In fact, the one guy that is a grinder in the movie gets fired by Pacino… so sad…

Sports bettors that are looking for their version of Rounders, I’m sorry but this is not it.