Thursday, January 12, 2006

NFL Playoff Bets - Washington at Seattle

Snapple fact #327 - Chewing gun was invented in New York City in 1870 by Thomas Adams. (I’m drinking a Snapple)

Figuring out this weekend:
Okay, I posted enough on the Denver game, and no longer want to think about it. It’s one game, not the Super Bowl, and since I’ve been discussing it so much today, I’m now sick of it! Bet it. It’s the Play of the Week: Denver Broncos -3

Okay on to the rest of the games:
Seattle Seahawks -9 -110
If you follow this sports betting blog, you had to see this one coming. After all, I’m playing 3 Seahawks in my fantasy football league this week (and you pick new players every week). How does Washington stop Shaun Alexander? I don’t think they can. I’m also looking for Edgerrin James and Bobby Engram to have big days… let’s see if I get 'em.

Anyway, Washington has been on a tear, winning their last 6 games. I bet on them last week, but I can’t do it again. They are hurt in the secondary, on the road for their third straight game, and playing in Seattle (3 hours earlier). Even with Seahawk’s cupcake schedule, you have to respect this team at home. I know 9 is a lot to give, but with the public on Washington and the line still moving up, I feel pretty good about the side I’m on.

I’m tempted to bet all the unders this week. I won’t though because I like the over on Indy… I’m still undecided on a play.

I’m also tempted to take all the favorites this week… The public is on all the dogs, how can I be wrong? Still looking at the other games…

I’ll be back later with more plays (maybe tonight, maybe not)

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor