Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NFL Playoff Bets!!! The Broncos vs. The Patriots

Listening to Bubba the Love Sponge on Sirius Radio channel 101, fucking hilarious… I might like this guy better than Howard Stern.

Anyway, on to the NFL…

Denver Broncos -3 -113 Play of the Week
I knew I was going to bet this since Monday. Why I waited until now? Who the fuck knows? Maybe I was trying to wait until I could get the worst line possible… Or maybe I was scared to bet against THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS… Well that fear is gone, and I’ve already decided that if the Pats win again this week, I’m just going to keep betting against them until they lose (depending on the lines of course). BUT New England will not get past the Broncos, and here is why:

Denver is the 2nd best team in the NFL. Yes, better than the Seahawks, and much better than the Pats. Having played 10 teams over .500 this season, and winning 7 of those games, the Broncos have proven that they are for real. Not only that, but they are deep… Remember Thanksgiving when Ron Dayne led this team to victory over the Cowboys? The Broncos won’t even play Dayne this weekend as Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell are healthy (but they'll have the same front line). Even with the Broncos using two good backs, I see them winning this game on Jake Plummer’s arm, as he picks apart the Patriots’ secondary.

The last time these two teams met was in October. Denver won 28-20, and started pulling starters after they were up 28-3. Pulling their better players allowed NE to score two meaningless TDs in the fourth quarter to make the game look closer then it really was… Maybe that is why the public is all over New England… Or maybe the public is stupid :O)

I’ll be back with more NFL plays for this weekend in day or two.

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor