Monday, November 28, 2005

Comedy Central - Shows - The Colbert Report

Comedy Central - Shows - The Colbert Report

Does anyone watch this dribble? I did. Once. It was horrible. Such a let down from the all-star reporter of The Daily Show. Thank you Steven Colbert for proving why spin-offs don't work, again.

Oh, I'm sorry Colbert. I guess the cast of friends did it. Too bad you aren't as talented as Joey.

I mean, come on. Your show has so much potential, yet you’re dumbing it down for the masses... I think.

My advice, steal some quality joke writers from The Daily Show, add some decent guests and maybe someone to look at aside from you, like Vida Guerra (yes, I typed "great ass" into google), and make the topics move.

I'll wait a week and give you one more try, and if you don't make my head hurt from banging it against remote, I'd call it a success.

Good Luck. I'm sure the 11:30 time slot is really challenging going head to head with re-runs of That ‘70s Show and a couple of old geezers, but if anyone can fuck it up, it’s probably you… (I would have never guessed it)

- The Online Sports Bettor

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