Thursday, December 01, 2005

NFL Week 13 Bets - Final Card

The final card is coming out early this week, and if I don't post about the NFL again, you can be assured that this is it.

(I could possibly buy-off or play the middle on one or any of these games. I could also add plays if I see something really strong develop before Sunday.)

Disclaimer aside, here it is:

Early Plays:
Detroit Lions +2½ -108
Cincinnati Bengals +3½ -110 NFL play of the week
Buffalo Bills +4 -103
Dallas Cowboys +3 -104
Arizona Cardinals -3 +100

Added Plays:
Jacksonville Jaguars -3 +105
Washington Redskins -3 -105
Denver Broncos PK -110

Wow, 8 games this week, and they are all on the road. This is by far the largest number of sides I've taken in the NFL so far this year. Just so you know, I usually end up playing between 3 and 5 games a week, so this has the makings of a great week. Of course, it's gambling so I could 0-8, but realistically, I’d like to see 6-2 or 5-3.

Anyway, best of luck on all your action. Keep on reading and keep on betting, Cause we are going to Bank in a stretch limo and a sexy lady on each arm.

- The Online Sports Bettor
5-3 on posted plays YTD for a total of +1.64 units