Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NFL Week 13 Bets - Early Plays

It's only Tuesday, and there is already plenty that I love in the NFL for week 13.

Get ready boys and girls cause we already have 5 playable games for the week. And the best part about it, 4 plays are dogs! That's right! I love it when the puppies bark and with a little luck make week 13 is the best week yet.

Detroit Lions +2½ -108
Detroit? You might ask how anyone could bet on Detroit. Well, they are at home vs. a bad Vikings team and very pissed off after being embarrassed on Thanksgiving Day. All and all, they lost last Thursday to an underrated Atlanta team, and trust me, the Vikings are no Falcons. Give them the couple extra days rest, and this team is ready to play.

Cincinnati Bengals +3½ -110 the play of the week
It’s bad to bet division rivals on the road right? Well believe it or not, Cinci has some value this week up in Pittsburgh. Pitt is coming off the short week, and looking for revenge that it won’t find this weekend. Cinci is gelling like Magellan and covered easily last week. Take the points in this one.

Buffalo Bills +4 -103
Hold your nose on this one for sure because the Bills have value here. I went against Miami last week, and I’m doing it again here. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then, and that’s what Miami did last week. While Buffalo hasn’t been showing must on the road this year, they did give up a decent lose to Carolina. I went against them two weeks ago, but I have to play them here.

Dallas Cowboys +3 -104
Dallas and the Giants both had tough loses last week. The difference is that the Cowboys lost to the better team and are the better team of the two. Even that out with the game in New York, add in the additional days rest for the Boys, and this line should be even. Take the field goal in this one. Don’t worry, both kickers miss.

Arizona Cardinals -3 +100
My last divisional road play, yet this one is a favorite. Simply put, I’m fading San Fran at even money.

Good Luck on all your action this week.
Added plays will be posted later, as always.

After 2 weeks: 5-3 on posted plays YTD for a total of +1.64 units YTD

- The Online Sports Bettor