Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Introduction

So it's the end of my work day, and I finally get to write my first real entry on this site. Please forgive me if I get distracted as I'm playing some low limit Party Poker as I write.

Anyway, I had the best weekend of my season so far in NFL (including Monday Night). 5-0 baby!!!

I also had a great weekend personally. It was my girlfreind's and my 2 year aniversery, of sort. Two years since we first made out anyway. We had a great steak dinner at the Sweetwater Steakhouse. It cost me a bit, but man that steak is worth it! and I would know.

I also got wasted on Friday, which is always fun. Shots of SoCo-Lime and pitchers of Coors Light is how my friends do it. Mild hangover the next day, but nothing to stop me from getting up to handicap games at 8am.

Anyway, I followed the NCAA games on Saturday with mild action here and there. I'm a big fan of half-time bets in college ball. It's easy and has proved to be a decent money maker over the years. I follow all the games, looking for trends (the wrong side winning, ect.) and throw down bets when the opportunity is right.

But the NFL is my passion. These games I really focus on, draw up my own lines, read as much as I can during the week, look for areas where the line is off, and bet them hard! Like I said, 5-0 this week! By far my best week this year. This year, I've been hanging even up until this point, but it looks like everything is starting to fall into place as always.

If interested, I'm already on the Chiefs -6 this week. I also put my best plays of the week up on this site - How to Gamble in America, but I'll probably be posting my whole cards here.

Anyway, that's enough for now. I figure I can work on the site design some more and come back with some football info soon.

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