Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

Yes, it's Xmas Eve, but it's still an NFL day. I'm checking my fantasy football team as it's week 16, and I'm in the Super Bowl! Unfortunately, it doesn't look too good for the sports bettor as Steve Smith had a bad day, and my kicker, Lawrence Tynes, ended up netting me zero points! Well, it's up to Ryan Moats, Bobby Engram, and Broncos Defense to have HUGE second halves for me to finish up as the top dog. Ah well, atleast I was able to pull some money out of this fantasy football league for finishing first in my division and 2nd overall.

That and I've had one hell of a day sports betting with Washington and Jacksonville covering, as well as San Fran winning straight up! It looks like it's 4-1 today with the Titans being my only lose.

Well, got to go and spread some more Xmas cheer. I'll be back on Monday for my recap of the week. Look at yesterday's posts to see all my plays.

Good Luck all and Merry Christmas.

- The Online Sports Bettor