Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NFL Week 16 Football Bets - Early Plays

No play on the Vikings this week. For some reason the Ravens are gelling as of late and a tough team to beat at home. That and the Vikes still have the Love Boat scandal hanging over their head… I don’t like the Ravens enough this week to play them, just enough not to bet against them…

Early Plays:
Jacksonville -6 -105 Play of the Week
Okay, the Jags clinch a playoff berth with a win here. The Texans keep Reggie Bush (as the #1 draft pick) with a loss… I just can’t see this game staying close.

San Francisco 49ers +10 -115
San Francisco 49ers Money Line +438 (½ unit bet)
San Fran may be no match for Seattle, but they know that they can beat the Rams (look at Week 1). Anyway, this team came out ready to play last week, and I except them to be ready again. With Bulger out, the Rams offense could be as bad as their defense.

All bets are for 1 unit unless otherwise posted. No bet will ever exceed 1 unit. A unit is a percentage for my playing bankroll. I always us multiple sportsbooks to find the best lines and odds for my bets.

Record on Posted Bets: 18-11, +5.63 units

Good Luck All

- The Online Sports Bettor