Monday, January 16, 2006

Bet on the Super Bowl?

I opened my first online sportsbook account to bet on the Super Bowl years ago. This is the game that anyone and everyone bets. From office pools to bets between friends, this is the most bet game in America. Why not bet it on the internet too?
For those who don't know bookies, there is always the Internet. The government has not prosecuted individual bettors, but it has gone after Web site operators. - The Washington Post
Every year, I get together with a friend before the game and we draw up a list of every prop bet we can think of on the spot. Some of the obvious ones would be:

the winner of the coin toss
first interception
first touchdown
first field goal
first sack
and the list goes on and on...

Anyway, you end up with like 30 different prop bets that only 1 team can win, and you bet an amount on each prop ($5 to $50, whatever is comfortable). We then flip a coin to see who picks first, and we go down the list and alternate who gets to pick. At the end of it, you end up having somewhere around 30 bets on the game. Of course at the end of it, a lot of them are cancel out each other, but we don't do this to win a lot money. It's just for the fun of betting on the game.

It's the fun on betting on the game, this game, THE game, that draws people to open accounts at online sports books... $5 or $500, it's fun either way.

- The Online Sports Bettor

PS. If your looking to open an account, you should do it soon as it's not as easy to do now as when I first did this. If you live in the US it can initally be a pain as you either have to wire money to fund your account, or transfer funds from your bank to an offshore bank like neteller and fund your account this way. I prefer the neteller method as it is easier down the road because once you set it up, you have that account for life. Just it can take a few days with transfers and set it up. Good Luck!