Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sirius Satellite Radio vs. XM Satellite Radio

Searching Google:
Sirius has 18,400,000 hits
XM has 14,000,000 hits

XM has 3 million more hits on yahoo…

Anyway, I have Sirius Satellite Radio and love it. A friend of mine has XM Radio, and he likes his. We've both had these radios for over a year. The difference between the two of us is that I actually have a loyalty to Sirius where according to him, he would drop XM if Sirius was significantly cheaper…

This got me to thinking. Why wouldn’t I change if XM was let’s say $10 a month and Sirius was $20?

It wouldn’t be the sports channels as both radios have the ESPN stations. Sirius has all the NFL games (which is great!), but XM has all the MLB games, which I would love. Sirius also has all the NBA and NHL games, but I don’t really care about these too much (until the playoffs anyway), so I’m not counting them just yet…

Sirius kills XM is the talk “shock jock” radio department. Sirius has Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge (both hilarious). XM has Opie and Anthony, who were funny, but kind of annoying when I listened to them out of Boston.

Comedy channels = tie
News channels = tie
Music stations (specifically rock, rap, and dance) = tie
Both also have my local traffic and weather reports (NYC).

So all and all, they match up pretty evenly… I guess it comes down to the shock jocks and maybe the NFL (it would be hard to give that up).

Is Howard Stern really worth an extra $10/month to me? As $120 a year doesn’t seem like too much to me, he probably is… Wow, that’s weird…