Wednesday, February 22, 2006

NCAA basketball: all system bets 2/22

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been following someone else's NCAA Basketball system this year. I haven't been posting these plays here, but after a slight modification to the system, I am going to start posting them today. I’m going to call this System #1. This system offers very few bets a day, if any.

Today’s System #1 bets:
Vanderbilt -1 @ -109

My new system, created a few weeks ago, but not bet until today I’ll call System #2. I already bet 2 games in this system (see last post):

Massachusetts -1.5 @ -110
Indiana U -10½ @ -110

Out of the 53 NCAA games going today, this system produced a possible 10 plays, but I only picked the strongest plays per the system to bet today (4 bets). I will be watching all ten, and I might modify this system down the road. The other two plays are:

Florida -7.5 @ -105
Drake +3 @ -103

Enough for now, time to eat…

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor