Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Site added at Two Plus Two Publishing!

Well, it finally happened. was added to the Sports Betting FAQ at

Two Plus Two is one of the best poker forums you will find on the net. I was originally turned onto this site about 5 or 6 years ago from some friends that had read several of David Sklansky’s (and the other owners) books. Being the pseudo-rounder that I was, I signed up, read and posted A LOT. Well, several screen names later, and having left serious poker behind, I still read and post there almost strictly in the sports betting section (And several of my friends have moved on to have successful poker careers).

Anyway, this site has changed over the years (mostly do to growth) to the point were it’s a completely different animal than it was when I first signed up. The secret is out, and it’s much harder now to get a real feel for all the pros on these boards, as they are far out weighed by the amateurs. That said, I still find the Sports Betting forum to be quite useful and entertaining. You will find some idiot posters there (as any site), but it has great moderators and many insightful posters. Anyway, if you ever want to get a poker player’s take on any sports bet, you should definitely check them out.

Some things I’ve done through TwoPlusTwo:
- Improved my poker game
- Made friends
- Reconnected with old friends
- Found underground poker rooms in New York City (and the burbs) when I first moved out here
- Found card games in Cleveland when I lived out there
- Found some winning sports bets I would have normally overlooked
- Improved my writing skills and typing

Anyway, I post there (and other forums) as "waterproof". If you see me around, say hi :O)

Good Luck

- The Online Sports Bettor