Friday, March 31, 2006

American bettors are stumped: Who to bet on for Final Four Glory

In the most unpredictable NCAA basketball tournament ever, Americans are betting predictably, which is to say, they don't know which of the four teams to bet on to win the championship on Monday night. With upsets and Cinderella teams wreaking havoc throughout the tournament no clear favorite has emerged with bettors at

Despite a record volume of wagers, very little separates the betting on the top three teams. UCLA has received 29.8 per cent of total wagers to date, followed by LSU at 28.5 per cent and Florida at 27.6 per cent. Even George Mason, the least regarded of the four, has garnered significant attention with 14.1 per cent of total wagers backing the Patriots.

See the betting demographic here: Final Four Map (requires Adobe).

It will be fun to watch, no matter who wins. I'm rooting for Gearge Mason, but I'm not willing to risk any money on them to win it all. I'll take a look at Saturday's match-ups tonight and post if I have any plays.

Good Luck.

- The Online Sports Bettor