Monday, March 06, 2006


I hate bills. And I always seem to forget that they come at the beginning of the month... So this weekend probably wasn't the best time to get my ass kicked in AC... Well, shit happens, and it's tight living till the next pay check (which is never much fun). It was one hell of a weekend though.

As I mentioned before, I was staying at the Borgata with friends. After checking in, we decided to spend the rest of the weekend completely shit faced. This of course included playing 10-20 holdem in a state of complete buffoonery, as well as craps, 3 card poker and roulette (although I was playing the later 3 in complete buffoonery just cause I can. Holdem though is usually another story.)

Poker: After knocking over all my chips twice just after just sitting down, and chuckling to the table “I’m really drunk”, I’m sure I had a mark on me. After all, drunk players are my favorite targets. Aren’t they every ones?

Well, drunken play aside. I just wasn’t getting any cards. That and a few bad beats, and I was ready to play. So after flopping a pair of Aces (one in my hand) and hitting a third on the river, I was a raising machine.

What happened? Out kicked with my A7 of clubs? No. The sad story is that I was called on the river by a boat that used my 2 aces on the board, a five from the flop, and two from the guy’s hand. It was an good beat, but even now, I can’t figure out why the guy didn’t raise once… not even heads up on the river against this drunken fool sitting 4 seats away... I must be intimidating, but most probably he’s a weak player (and a slow loser).

Anyway after that hand, I decided to walk away and play the rest of the money in my pocket on the before mentioned games, eventually giving all of it to the Borgata… I think I had 2 white chips left Sunday morning.

So that was my weekend. A lot of drinks, a lot of food, one massage, and an empty wallet. After all, it’s called gambling, not winning, right?

On the bight side, my girl won over a grand this weekend... Lucky girl :O)

Well, Good Luck everyone. It’s baseball season soon, and since I never gamble with my sports bankroll (only win), I’ll be betting the bases consistently like I do…

- The Online Sports Bettor

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