Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Night's Baseball Bet

Apr-24 7:05 PM

A little late in the post. Blame blogger not me... I guess they are allowed to do some maintenance for this great free service that they provide...

Fantasy Baseball: I'm currently deciding if I want to trade my Adam Dunn and Derrick Turnbow for Roy Oswalt (got the offer today). It looks like a good offer that will bring an Ace to my team. The probelm is that I value starters so little that I looked at my pre-draft rankings, and I was drafting Dunn 20 players before Oswalt... Of course now, my pitching kinda sucks as I'm hoping my sleepers can turn into studs... two of which I've already traded for other sleepers...

Anyway, the question continues... I might counter but I doubt it... The guy drafted Oswalt in the second round (after Pedro in the first) and is just going to want way too much for the guy...

That's all for now.

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